Monday, 24 September 2012

First blog post!!

Urm..Hiya..I don't really know how to start something like this off, its got to be memorable right? Ah well, I'll just tell you a little bit about me and if you like the sound of it, come back to my blog sometime soon..I may get a little bit lonely.. I am an eighteen year old girl with a penchant for make up, fashion and hair. I haven't got any existing qualifications to do with make up, hair or beauty but I believe that practice makes perfect and how are you going to know if you're good or bad at something unless you try?  Since a young age I enjoyed raiding my Mum and Sister's wardrobe or make up boxes to see what I could find! I am a firm believer that you do not need to wear make up everyday to look beautiful, however speaking from experiences I know that if you aren't the most confident person or are just having a low day, it can certainly help a treat.

 One of the many things I enjoy about doing my hair and make up, and fashion in general is that its so versatile and always changing. I like to think that on the outside everyone is like a blank canvas and we are free to dress it up and make it unique to ourselves, without the prejudgment of others and for their style and taste to overpower. Everyday I see so many people looking practically identical the amount of boys where I live wearing chinos, band t-shirts and Nike blazers or girls wearing Vans, leggings, short shorts and vest tops.. I'm all for following trends, but whatever happened to originality?! Rant over.

I think a little bit more about me is in order.. I'm definitely not the most confident person in the world but similar to many other people with the help of a bit of make up and steady hair styling, I think you could take on anything.Like many other people, I feel at my most confident when I think i'm looking nice, and this is why i'm doing this blog, to share my insight into the world of fashion and beauty... on a budget. I spend  a lot of time getting ready, doing my nails and hair and it really puts a smile on my face when people notice these tiny details and compliment me on them. Therefore I am going to share my limited knowledge with you all!

Thank you so much for reading, A x


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