Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nail Rock- Spots and Stripes

So a few months ago I tried the Nail Rock nail wraps for the first time. Taken in by their vast range of designs I gave it a go!

 As you can see in the photo above I have worn the nails for a few days as they were getting chipped. Also my nail on my index finger chipped off, so I tried to paint it again in a similar way. Hopefully my next attempt at using nail wraps will be a bit better!

The steps I followed in order to try and achieve the best look with these nail wraps are as followed!-

Step one: I removed any old bits of nail varnish off my nails, pushed back cuticles and used a hand conditioner.

Step two: I shaped and filed my nails in an oval shape.

Step three: I then buffed my nails which took away the shiny surface, which also makes it easier for the wraps to stick to the nails.

Step four: After picking the wraps closest to my nail size (which can be trimmed to fit) I then carefully placed it on my nail.

Step Five: I pressed the wrap onto my nail and smoothed it from side to side, avoiding any lumps and bumps.

Step six: If any creases or lumps appear, lift the nail wrap up again stretch it back over the nail again.

Step seven: Once the wrap is stretched over the nail, use a wooden hoof stick, nail file or nail to tuck the remnants of the wrap under the nail.

Step eight: Using a nail file, file the edge of the nail in one direction which will remove the excess of the nail wrap.

Step nine: Once you've continued this for all nails, you should end up with a fab looking nails with a lovely, long lasting finish :)


Thanks for reading, A x


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