Monday, 24 September 2012

Tuxedo nails

If like me, you don't feel particularly gifted when it comes to nail art or have a steady hand either, I can show you easy ways in which to paint your nails and give them a touch of glam!
Below is a picture of the one I did earlier.  This is a photo of the first attempt at painting tuxedo nails, although they aren't perfect I was very pleased for a first go.

If you're interested in painting your nails like this then follow these simple instructions beneath, If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask me!

Step one: I started with clean,washed, unpolished nails. I used a non acetone nail varnish remover to remove any old bits of nail varnish. If you aren't wearing any nail polish it can still be important, just to take off any residue.

Step two: Use a cuticle remover (I use Cutipen from boots which costs £4.35) and rub the cream/gel into the cuticle and remove with warm water.

Step three: I trimmed my nails down, then file and shape them into a natural shape. Filing in one direction only. This makes it easier for the false nail to set onto the nail or rather gives the finished painted nail, a more elegant look.

Step four: As seen in the picture, I used some false nails from boots (Kiss 100 Full Cover Active Oval Nails which costs £6.49 and also comes in numerous sizes according to your preference)

Step five: Before gluing the nails on, I like to get choose the right nails first as the glue I use, sets fast. I use Kiss Professional Nail Glue. Which is maximum speed, so it'll dry in four seconds.

Step six: Once I've applied all the false nails and made sure they are all properly set, I can then apply the nail varnishes.

Beneath this is a photo of the various nail varnishes I use.
In my opinion, I don't think any different brands will make a lot of difference. I chose these brands either out of availability or cost.

Step seven: Depending what colour you want for the base of the nail, I alternated between black and white, paint each of the nails with this colour/s. To paint the nails, I find it easiest doing three strokes per nail.One stroke in the middle and two either side, being careful for the polish not to drip into the sides of the nail. However if this does happen it is easy to correct. I dip a cotton bud into some nail varnish remover to carefully remove the excess.

Step eight: After painting all the nails, a second coat of the colour may be needed. Then wait for the nails to dry completely. Once this is done you can start on the fun, nail art side of it!

Step nine: To do the parts to make the nails look more like little tuxedos I used nail art pens from Models Own. They are priced at around £6 from Boots, or you can buy it elsewhere including ASOS.

Step ten: I used the striper attachment from these nail art pens to make the triangles that look like the shirt underneath. Starting from about a quarter of the way in from each side of the base of the nail I took the striper and made a triangle, and then proceeded to fill the colour in. Once I've done this for every nail, I waited about five or so minutes for it to completely dry.

Step eleven: I took the nib pen to create the look of buttons and the bow tie. To do the bow tie I used a similar kind of technique as earlier. I made two little triangle like shapes that were close together and joined them up and filled them in, creating the look of a bow tie. Et voila!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, thank you for reading,

Abbie x


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