Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Leopard print nails!

I did these on my sister last week when she was off of work, I wanted to try something a bit edgy and cool yet is still easy to do.

In this picture I took of my sister's nails I tried to recreate the look of leopard print nails. 

Before I started/you start, don't forget to prep the nails, file the edges into a neat shape and  then buff your nails. Apply a base coat which will stop your nails from chipping and also can help make the colour stay longer and not go into your nails!

I used Barry M Peach Melba for the base colour, once that had dried I applied another coat of this colour so the colour was smoother and had a nicer shine to it. Once both layers were dry I used a brown nail polish to create the look of the spots. I used Barry M Mushroom, and the I tried to get rid of as much excess on the brush as possible so when I dotted the brown nail polish randomly it wouldn't make a mess, drip across the nail and also wouldn't take too long to dry. By using largely spaced out dots will help when you go around the nail in the next step. 
Once the nails were fully dried I used a nail art pen in black from the Models Own collection. I alternated between 'C' shapes around the nail or two parallel 'C' shapes facing each other around the brown spots. 

By doing the black lines they complete the look of the leopard print pattern I think, lastly don't forget to use a top coat over this once its dried as it'll make it last that little bit longer!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! 
A x


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