Monday, 1 October 2012

Miners new eye shadow!

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The famous make up and beauty brand Miners have just unleashed their new eye shadows! and here's a sneak peak. They include block colours as well as a few eye shadow trios that I can't wait to try out! 

Miners Cosmetics was established in 1937 so they have nearly 70 years experience in the industry and have become well known and trusted. Taking inspiration from catwalk trends, the Miners Cosmetics team bring innovative, high quality but affordable make up and cosmetic to you. What I like most about Miners Cosmetics is that it is easy to emulate on trend looks for a much more affordable price, and they don't test on animals either! 
Here's a few photos of their new eye shadows, including four solo colours and four trio sets.
All the new eye shadows are seen in this photo. As you can  see they are mainly darker shades which will work well for the winter season, also they mirror the latest trends and can be used to make statement make up looks!

This eye shadow trio set is called Humbug. Because its grey, black and white like the sweets. These shades can be used to make a deep smoky eye effect by applying the white as a base colour, using the grey, to the left, to create a crescent like shape at the corner of the eyelid and using the black along the eye line. I will post a new blog soon of this look.

 This eye shadow trio is called Safari, with rich  browns and a bronze shade, you can also create a similar smoky eye look. I will also write another blog showing how to create this look very soon.

 This eye shadow solo is called Stardust. What I like about bronze eye shadows is that you can use them in various ways. Like I said above they can be used to recreate a smoky eyes look, or on their own to accentuate the eye colour. I think that bronze works best with blue and brown eyes.
This eye shadow trio is called Stonewashed. Including a large purple, light and dark blue when used together this look can be used to create a modern day look. With a lot of stigma attached to using blue eye shadow, I think that this palette could be used to make statement eye make up.
 This eye shadow above is called Jewel. When I first saw this one, I really liked it as it is quite a unique shade and also one I haven't seen or tried out before. With black gritty undertones I think this eye shadow could be used to create a rock chick look.
This eye shadow palette above looks a little bit similar to Safari as seen above however this one is called Goddess and uses much lighter shades of browns and bronze. Like Safari, I think this trio can be used to create a smoky eyed look, however as it much lighter I think that it would be a bit more understated and perhaps worn in the daytime.

This eye shadow above is called Luna. What I like about this silvery white shade is that its a bit different and versatile.It can be used as a base on the eye lid, with a flick of eye liner across the lash line to make it stand out more. Secondly it could be used on the lower lash line and around the eye for a statement eye look.

Last but certainly not least is the deep blue shade Nautical. The eye shadow is a bit broken up in the picture, but with a shade like this I think you can create a simple but a statement look. As it is such a bold colour I think that all the attention of the make up should be on the eyes. 

I'll post some blogs soon of these products being used! 
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