Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Moustache nails

Hi all,

This week I thought I'd try something a bit different with my nails, after finding inspiration from seeing some false nails with a moustache design on I thought I'd see if I could try it out on my nails.

This is the nail wraps I got my inspiration from, by Nail Rock and can be bought from Boots, Topshop, ASOS.Com and many other shops. 
I started as always, by removing any old nail polish and filing my nails. Then applied a clear base coat to start with. Once this had dried, I then applied my first colour coat, I chose to use white to make the little moustaches stand out more, but you can use any colour.

Once this had dried I applied another coat of white polish to give it a shiny, clear finish. Once both these layers have dried I then got started with doing the little moustaches!

I used a nail art pen in black to draw the moustaches and I found it easier to have a little practice drawing them before hand.

I drew the moustaches by doing two small sized dots near the tip of my nail. I then drew a curved line shape from the end of the dot to the top of it.. This is quite hard to explain show I think its easier if you see what I did in the pictures below or have a go at drawing them first and see how you find it easiest to achieve the desired look you want.

As you can see in the picture above, I practised drawing little moustaches with my nail art pen  to test the best way to do it and how easy it would be with my nail pen. 

As seen in this photo, I started with the moustache design by doing two small dots next  to each other near the tip of my nail. Then I tried to do a little flick from the edges of the dots to create the look of a moustache.

Ta da! Here's a picture of my left hand before I finished them all 

 Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

A x


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