Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pink Polka dot nails

Likewise to the other blogs about nails I've done if you copied the nail designs I've done you don't have to stick to the same colours I used, especially for this design as it is a fun design and looks really nice. I did a polka dot pattern using a pink shade by Nails Inc and then used a white Models Own nail art pen.

I started by cleaning off the nail varnish off of my nails and used a base coat. Once this had dried I applied a coat of Nails Inc Warwick Avenue polish. Once this layer was completely dry, I then used a final layer of this polish, so the colour was really clear and gave it a shine.

Once my nails were completely dry I then got to work on the polka dots. To keep the nails looking as great as possible, it's best if you do the polka dots in strategic, neat lines as it'll look better when finished and it'll be easier for you to do.

Instead of doing the polka dots in random dots, its best to do them in neat lines, with alternate gaps between the lines below them. Like a brickwork pattern, for example start with one dot in the middle at the top then place two either side. The line below you should place polka dots in between the gaps of the line above.

To finish off your nails, don't forget to apply a top coat so your polish is less likely to chip.

Thanks for reading, hope you like it!

A xo


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