Sunday, 21 October 2012

Recessionista! - Nails


One of my friends recently said to me that she disagreed you could get the same quality look nails by using a cheaper nail polish compared to a more expensive one. So I bought some cheaper nail varnishes to put this to the test! 
Beneath is the just two of the things I bought. I got a Miss Sporty nail varnish in a fuchsia shade, and I also picked up something called Nail Constellations from MUA, which when applied onto wet nail varnish recreate the look of  'caviar nails'.

 I'll post a blog in the week using the new pink nail varnish, but I thought I'd show how I used the nail constellations to recreate the look of the caviar nails.

As always I took off any little bits of old nail varnish with a cotton pad and some nail varnish remover. Buffed my nails and filed them into a neater, more manageable shape. Then I used a base coat so none of the darker colour pigments will go into my nail and possibly stain it. Once the base coat was dry I applied my first layer of black nail polish. Once this was fully dry you can start using the little beads. I think its easier to do it one nail at a time, so I applied another layer of the black polish to my nail, as it was still wet I poured the nail beads over the nail until it was almost if not fully covered. I then patted it down gently into the nail varnish so it stuck. As you can see in the picture below the other nails aren't quite finished yet and need a bit of a touch up around the edges. Once the beads were fully set and dry I added a top coat to keep them secure.

The nail constellations by MUA were from Superdrug and cost £3

Thanks for reading, A x


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