Monday, 1 October 2012

Spots. . .

Talking to my friend Morien today, she was telling me about her daily skin routine (bit of a weird topic, but we were complaining about spots ha!) It made me realise, no matter how much time and effort you spend on preening your skin, moisturising, exfoliating etc the odd spot or pimple will appear! And if you're like me, these spots will appear at the absolute worst time, think the morning before a big day ahead..
So,  I've decided to dedicate this post on tips and tricks which can help with a spot outbreak!

So firstly, Here's any tips which should help avoid spots,
Cleanse face twice a day;
Every morning and night, using an antibacterial face wash or cleanser, depending how much money you'd like to spend a good, cheap one is Boots Cucumber Facial Wash for £1.52. Equally to this Neutrogena do a few facial cleansers Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Facial Wash which costs £4.49. I think this product is especially good if you are prone to oily skin or the occasional breakout, as this facial wash is specially formulated to reduce oils and impurities. This product also has a fighting ingredient in it which reduces the amount of dead skin  cells as well as the chance of future blemishes. Other products are Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash which costs £4.94 in Boots. I think that if you have quite sensitive skin then Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash could be a good choice. It costs around £3.60, it contains different active ingredients which will keep your skin cleansed and nourished. It also contains no unnecessary chemicals which could be harsh on skin. Also Clean and Clear Morning Skin Energising Daily Facial, is the one I use, so I hope I don't sound too biased! This costs £3.99 for a 150ml bottle in Boots.
I picked up this product a few months ago, as I needed a new facial cleanser, and as this product claimed to both wake you up and invigorate your skin. I would say that this product does both, I use this product, twice, daily and as I have quite combination skin I think it has reduced my oily skin and made it feel a lot smoother and softer too. I think it also has a quite nice smell to it too! Many other facial washes and cleaners are on the market too, so have a look around to find the best one suited to you, and your skin, or your budget. Remember to not go too mad on the amount of cleanser used as sometimes it can make the spots worse, leaving your skin feeling dry.

Exfoliate regularly;
This will, help to cleanse, soften and smooth your skin. I think exfoliation is very effective as it can remove dead skin cells. It is much more effective if carried out regularly, and only a small amount of the scrubs is needed. Some of the most popular, in my opinion, St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub. Voted as UK's  No.1 scrub brand, and costing £3.99 this cleansing formula gentle exfoliates, removing dead skin and giving you a radiant, healthy looking glow. Secondly another product is Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash Scrub and Mask. Costing £3.99 this product will cleanse and exfoliate to help protect against impurities. This product is designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and spots, as well as protecting against blackheads as well as to purify the skin. Another product to use could be Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash priced at £2.99. This product is mainly designed for sensitive skin as this daily facial cleanser will gently exfoliate as well as cleansing. With an added facial moisturiser, it'll give skin a clearer look everyday!

Make sure to rinse away any conditioners or hair products;
Thoroughly rinse your hair around your hairline as any leftover hair products can lead to a build up of oil around the edges of your face. A few years ago I had a thick fringe, and I noticed that I would often get a build up of oils and breakouts more regularly on my forehead. As the fringe comes into contact with the skin and can sometimes result in the spread of bacteria and oils, and sometimes by touching your hair, or patting it down can transfer bacteria and oils onto your hair. If this applies to you, and you don't want to pin your fringe back there are different methods you could try to stop this happening. Firstly I've known people to use  a product called OXY 10 Benzoyl peroxide lotion. Which is available in Boots pharmacies, over the counter. This product costs £5.10 for 30ml and claims to reduce more than 90% of the spots causing bacteria in 24 hours. This product is maximum strength for stubborn spots and acne, therefore you may feel a slight tingly when putting it onto your skin. On the other hand you could always try a different shampoo and conditioner that contains no chemicals. Perhaps style your hair differently every couple of days to give your skin a chance to breath. Or a change of skincare routine may do the trick!

I think its good to moisturise your skin daily. Not only will the right moisturiser keep your skin soft,smooth and lovely looking but it will also help to control excess oils in the long run. Like many other beauty products these days, I think its hard to find the right one as there are so many, from day creams, to night creams, tinted, fragrance free, to hydrating and the list goes on. Eucerin Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream for £12.50 for a 50ml tube is a popular choice. This is a specialist moisturiser as it claims to replenish dry, tight skin. Another popular choice is Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream, costing £4.28 in Boots, as stated in the name twice, will make your skin a lot softer. This is for everyday use, on the face,hands and body. This product has a refreshing effect on the skin. Olay Classic Care Double Action Day Cream Hypo-allergenic is good for those with sensitive skin. Its non greasy and will effectively moisturise and protect sensitive skin. This product costs around £6 for 50ml.

Drink plenty;
Staying hydrated is vital for healthy looking skin, by drinking around eight glasses of water or perhaps juices or tea a day can leave your skin looking clearer and fresher for longer.

Have a good nights sleep;
Also by getting plenty of good quality sleep can leave your skin looking lovely and healthy, by getting between seven to nine hours sleep the majority of the time can contribute to great looking skin!

Treating spots and acne;
By treating the impurities can reduce the redness and inflammation around them. Various products are on the market for the treatment of spots ranging from over the counter to less strong products. Treatments such as Freederm gel always worked well for me, as did Witch Hazel Blemish Stick, as I found the anti-bacterial ingredients in it brought out the impurities quicker and took away the redness. Also proving quite popular the  Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit for £13.99. It involves a three step routine of a spot control cleanser, a spot control moisturiser and a fast clearing spot treatment. Everyone I know that has used this product has said it works well, however a few have noted that it can cause dry skin but using a different moisturiser helped that.

Thank you for reading, I hope this may benefit you in some way,
A x


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