Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Urbanista hairbrush

Hey everyone, hope you're all well :)

I thought i'd do another quick blog post about Urbanista Ionic small barrel hairbrush, I use this regularly to get a full, blowdryed effect with my hair. 


One of my favourite things about using this as a barrel brush is that when using it with my hairdryer, if you direct the heat onto the brush, the colour of the brush turns white, so you know when its hot enough to use. Which I think is really unique, as not many other brushes on the market offer that. 

Thanks for reading, A x

Urbanista false eye lashes

Hiyaaa, hope you're all having a good week!

I got a new package from Urbanista recently, which is always very exciting! Upon the release of their new range of false eyelashes. I've only ever tried false eyelashes once, although I'm lucky enough to have quite long, dark eyelashes anyway, they made my lashes look super long and my eyes looked so cool! Underneath are two photos of the eyelashes from Urbanista, as you can see one pair are encrusted with blue,pink and silver diamantes and the other have a silver glitter line running along the top. Perfect for a dramatic night time look!

A x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

GOSH Primer

Hi everyone, hope you're all ok! Recently I bought myself a new primer, as mine was running out I thought I'd use it as a good time to try a new brand for a change. So I picked up GOSH's clear foundation primer. It   cost £13.99 and leaves you with a lovely, velvety soft face! I'd definitely recommend this primer as it is so light you forget its there, but it also lasts all day long too. 

As seen in the picture below, the primer is clear, but a similar cream one is available too.

A x

Friday, 2 November 2012

Urbanista nail files


Back in early July, I found out about Urbanista which is a really funky British beauty brand. They have lots of  really edgy looking, cool pieces which I'd love to share with you all! Right now I am using Urbanista nail files all the time. They are small so you can put one in your handbag and it won't take up lots of room. Also they are really fun, bold colours, so if you are like me, it makes it a lot easier to find in your bag! They are very thick and sturdy too so they won't bend or break when you are filing away. 

As you can see in the pictures above, they use very fun, vibrant colours. I also like the names they give their products, like these nail files are called The (N) Case Files.

A x

Spitalfields Market

A few months back, I went to London for the day. Everytime I go to London I try and do something different each time, as it's such a big and diverse city you'll never get to see everything so instead of traipsing around the shops I went towards Brick Lane for a change and went to Spitalfields Market. Which I now love, it has such a good selection of clothes, jewellery and lots of different foods, there really is something for everyone. I have a really big thing for jewellery right now, especially rings, and I found a ring for £2 which I really love. I wear it most days and its such a nice colour! 

Still can't believe this was £2, that's cheaper than Primark!

A x

Lip wraps

Recently I thought I'd have a go at trying the lip wraps you can buy. As I've used the nail wraps before I thought how hard can this be, so I picked up some different designs of the Violent Lips design.

I got the red leopard print design, which I thought looked really cool and interesting. I also got The Gold Glitterati;

I think all of the Violent Lips wraps are really edgy and perfect for a night out! To put them on, follow these simple instructions:

First of all, you will need a pair of scissors, a mirror, cotton pads or cotton balls, water and some Violent Lips transfers.

Also there is a slight difference to the technique you apply the normal collection compared to the new Glitterati collection is that it is suggested that you should apply the Glitterati transfer with an open mouthed expression like in an "oh" shape. 

Ok, so firstly remove the lip transfer from its stencil. Line up the centre of the transfer to the top of your cupid's bow and measure the width and depth of your lips whilst your mouth is open to an "oh" shape. 

Cut the transfer to your measurements, there are lines on the back of the transfers to make it easier. 

Peel the plastic film off of the back of the transfer and stick to your lips making sure to keep them in the same open mouthed expression. Soak a cotton pad/ball or flannel in water and hold it over the top of the paper backing of the transfer. 

Once the transfer is stuck on, wait five or so minutes before applying anything to your lips or having any food or drink. 

Me using the Red leopard print transfer

Thanks for reading!

A x 

Halloween nails

Hello everyone!

In celebration of Halloween this year I thought I'd try something a bit different and continue the theme onto my finger nails. I tried to do a Frankenstein style look as you will see!

I used a base coat, a green nail varnish for the colour, a black nail art pen and a white nail art pen. I used Collection 2000's Hot Looks Fast Dry 59 called Look At Me for the base colour for the nails. 

I used a black nail art pen I got in a set from the Ideal Home exhibition, similar ones are also available from Models Own, or nail art sets are available for a reasonable price on eBay or Amazon.
I also used a white nail art pen which I got from Models Own and it costs around £6 but I was lucky to get it when I still worked in Boots and had the discount!
For the base coat and the top coat, I used Miss Sporty's base coat, as it'll stop the colour from seeping into the nail and also give it a smooth shine once done.

This is the second coat of Collection 2000 Look At Me nail polish. As you can see on the thumb nail I have started the hair design so it'll look like little Frankensteins ha!

I used the black nail art pen to do the hair and mouth. I used the nib end rather than the striper section. For the hair I emulated a zig zag pattern to look like hair. and for the mouth I drew a line near the end of the nail and smaller vertical lines going through it. 

I then used the white nail art pen to do white dots in the beneath the hair and above the smile to look like eyes. I then did two smaller black dots in the white dots to make them look more eye like. Underneath this i also drew smaller black dots to look like nostrils. 

The finished look!

Hope you liked it :) 

A x