Friday, 2 November 2012

Lip wraps

Recently I thought I'd have a go at trying the lip wraps you can buy. As I've used the nail wraps before I thought how hard can this be, so I picked up some different designs of the Violent Lips design.

I got the red leopard print design, which I thought looked really cool and interesting. I also got The Gold Glitterati;

I think all of the Violent Lips wraps are really edgy and perfect for a night out! To put them on, follow these simple instructions:

First of all, you will need a pair of scissors, a mirror, cotton pads or cotton balls, water and some Violent Lips transfers.

Also there is a slight difference to the technique you apply the normal collection compared to the new Glitterati collection is that it is suggested that you should apply the Glitterati transfer with an open mouthed expression like in an "oh" shape. 

Ok, so firstly remove the lip transfer from its stencil. Line up the centre of the transfer to the top of your cupid's bow and measure the width and depth of your lips whilst your mouth is open to an "oh" shape. 

Cut the transfer to your measurements, there are lines on the back of the transfers to make it easier. 

Peel the plastic film off of the back of the transfer and stick to your lips making sure to keep them in the same open mouthed expression. Soak a cotton pad/ball or flannel in water and hold it over the top of the paper backing of the transfer. 

Once the transfer is stuck on, wait five or so minutes before applying anything to your lips or having any food or drink. 

Me using the Red leopard print transfer

Thanks for reading!

A x 


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