Thursday, 13 December 2012

Elegant looking eyes :)

Fancy rocking your inner K-Stew minus the grumpiness? Well here's a few tips I've made on how to create the smoky brown eyes look she wears so well.

  • To create this look I tend to use a mixture of light, medium and dark brown or black eyeshadow shades in graduated tones. Dependent on your eye colour and skin tone, if you have a darker skin tone and darker eyes I think black shades work better whereas if like me you're quite fair and have lighter coloured eyes, perhaps try a brown shade as it won't look as harsh on your skin.
  • Apply the dark shade along your lash line or equally you could use an eyeliner to creater a bolder look, the medium shade on the crease, and a light shade up to the eyebrow bone but not beyond. Soften and blend the edges so all the colours blend within each other.
  •  To open up your eyes so that they appear livelier, place a dot of a light shadow in the inner corner of each eye. It'll also give the appearance of wider, more awake looking eyes. 
  • When creating the smoky eyes look you could trace the upper and lower lashes with a dark shadow then smudge with a blending brush. To optimize the look, this can also be done over eyeliner. In the photo above Kirsten Stewart opted for a blue eyeliner on her bottom lash line, drawing attention to her eyes

This will work really well for a night time looking, this Christmas time! 

Thanks for reading, A x


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