Monday, 21 January 2013

Exam #1

Hello there, how are you?! 

12 hours time from writing this blog so half nine on tuesday 22nd  January I will have started my english a2 exam. ARGH! I have done quite a bit of revision but the night before it never feels like enough and quite frankly I am nervous. English was always my strong point throughout lower school and I always spend a lot of time reading books. But my exam tomorrow is split into two. One side is about Shakespeare's play King Lear and we've had to get used to the play as a passage from it will come up and we've got to figure out where its from.. we aren't allowed to take the book into the exam either. The other half is unseen texts so we'll be given two different extracts and we'll have to write an essay analysing and comparing them to each other! All within the space of two hours, wish me luck!

A x


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