Friday, 18 January 2013

Viktor and Rolf -Flowerbomb

Hellooo all, hope you're all well! I meant to do this blog a while ago but other things caught up with me. For Christmas I got some Viktor and Rolf perfume, Flowerbomb its called. I am so thankful of my parents for getting it for me, even though its quite a small bottle it wasn't cheap for the size! The box it came in has a big black stamp type of thing on the front  with V&R printed into it,which I think makes it look really special and unique. The bottle has a little pin with V&R on it, making it look like a grenade, As you can see in the pictures below..

What I really like about this perfume that really, only one spritz is necessary for the day. It has quite strong floral notes so a little spray will go a long way. Yet its not too strong that it becomes overpowering, but then again I use only very small amounts, and don't feel the need to reapply throughout the day. I think this perfume has a rather classy scent as its sweet smelling but with slight musky undertones,  Flowerbomb is relatively expensive compared to other perfumes on the market but I think if you wouldn't mind splashing the cash on a perfume then I'd completely recommend it! 

Thanks for reading,A x


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