Thursday, 7 March 2013

Anything could happen

Sorry for the lack of posts I have had a busy few days. Yesterday I had my driving theory test which I was feeling alright about as I felt like I knew most of the stuff that could potentially come up although I knew I could have done a lot more. However, sat in the theory test centre was a different story. I sat down in the chair and the first ten or so questions to come up were fine and I knew the answers straightaway. Throughout the test there were about 10 questions out of the total of fifty when my mind just went completely blank. Because of this I was trying to think about it as logically as possible and didn't feel as confident whatsoever. Then it went on to the hazard perception part of the test and in all the practices I've done I've never been as good in that side of things, so I focused 100% on the screen and gave it my best shot. I wasn't feeling optimistic at all coming out and when the man at the desk handed me my sheet of paper I could hardly believe I passed!! To celebrate My sister, Bronya bought herself, my mum and I a chocolate mousse cake which was really good! 
This morning I collected my results for the exams I did back in January. For anything like this I usually do get quite nervous but I think because I am not going to university, at least not this year, like my friends I didn't have the added pressure of that. I got to sixth form around half past eight and picked up my results for my English literature and language and psychology exams. After the both exams I didn't come out with a particular feeling of how either one went so I wasn't too sure what to actually expect from my results. English, in my opinion is my weaker subject compared to psychology, although I'd say I enjoy English more, I found that writing essay structure after essay structure quite strenuous, especially when I didn't know what to do! However this morning I surprised myself massively, I achieved a high C in my english exam to later find out that I was 2 marks away from a B! CHUFFED!

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