Sunday, 28 April 2013

Online shops...part two!

Hiya! Carrying on from my previous blog post about various online shops I have found some more sites that I would like to tell you about! 
Quirky, fun and good priced clothes available from asos marketplace!
Some really interesting pieces of jewellry from this american site. My fave is this salmon stone necklace
Mix of eclectic and high street looks for a fraction of the price.. ooh did i mention they have a big sale on right now too?!
The clothes have a kind of urban outfitters feel to them with quirky tops, sweatshirts and dresses being their main selling point.
Clothing available from asos marketplace or on eBay. Like the name suggests their clothing features a mix of both vintage styles and also comfy casuals.
some good quality vintage finds!
A good range of eclectic jewellry and other accessories for a good price.
A good range of vintage and retro clothing for both men and women. I think that its well priced too for what they're selling. I particularly like this dress costing £25
Black and White Polka-Dot Dress
Affordable high street fashion with next day delivery in the uk costing £3.50. I love the selection of clothes on here, especially the brown pleated mini skirt.
I love the mix of high street fashions, quirky clothes and also the vintage section on here. The clothes are all relatively cheap   and they have an exciting (also cheap) mix of accessories too. I love this star sign pendant they have but annoyingly its sold out right now..

Image of Star Sign Pendant
That's all for now folks, I hope you liked what you've seen! Thanks for reading. A.x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Versatile Blogger award!!

Hello again! I hope you've all had a good week!

So ages ago Rosa from Glossy Temptations (please check out her blog, it's very good and I'm not just saying that because she nominated me) nominated little old me for the versatile blogger award and I mean to write a blog on it but.. I haven't until now.

Here are the rules of the versatile blogger award:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Nominate 15 other bloggers you follow.

Write seven things about yourself on versatile blogger post.

Seven things about me:

(Quick word of warning; I'm not very good at these types of things so if my facts are kinda boring. I do apologise)

1: Music is a massive part of my life. My iPod is probably my favourite possession, I always have earphones in listening to something, from the Foo Fighters to Kanye, Steps, TLC, Beyonce or even steel drums/hawaiian music. 

2:I love the taste of sour things like lemons and limes and those  really sour sweets!

3:I'd love to do a lot of charity work when i'm older. 

4:My favourite animal is the elephant.

(this is really hard!)

5:Eyeliner is my must have beauty item. I don't think I go a day without it!

6:I love reading, I have a stack of books on my bedside table to get through and I'm very excited to get through them!

7: I have a bad habit of believing everything I read in my horoscopes.

Here's my nominated bloggers!

Lora at Lora Loves...

Danielle at Fameliquorlove 

Amber Luise at at Amber Love 

Megan at I'm Just Megan xo 

Rosalie at Rosalie Jayne

Rosie at Oh So Rosie 

Mishelle at Mishelle's Sleepy Time 

Chloe at Chloe's way 

Thanks for reading. A. x 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Online shops.. part one

Do you ever get bored of browsing through Asos? or other online shopping sites like me? I love online shopping as much as the next person, and don't get me wrong I love both ASOS and but most people I know use those and its nice to have a bit of variety and wear something a bit different that is also nice!

So as you may see, underneath i have compiled a list of all the different online shopping sites I use that you may also be interested in looking at. I hope you like some of them!
The outnet sells designer clothes at a discounted price, some of it may be deemed a little out of price range at times but you never know, you could be lucky and spot a bargain. 
Similarly to this site also has designer clothes available from this seasons on trends to previous years. If you don't mind spending a bit more on your clothes and getting some designer pieces, I think this is the place to be. Also did i mention there is free post and packaging? 
This website focuses mainly around vintage clothing and jewelry. What I like about this site is that instead of categorising things into their shapes or trend (like jeans into skinny, bootcut, wide leg for example) they do it on size, so you can see whats in your size right away. 
This site, both similar to and sells mainly designer pieces but all the clothes from 
are all second hand, there isn't anything wrong with them they may just be a little worn that is all. Excitingly Stylesequel get their clothes from all around the world for all we know our outfit could be from a fashion insider's closet or worn by one of the red carpet regulars. 
I've never yet bought something from this site but I have longily gazed at the vintage chanel handbag collection. This website has a vast amount of vintage wears and tears from handbags, to furniture, clothes and jewellery and even vintage film posters. I'd totally recommend this website if you are interested in  vintage finds. 
This site is a platform in which you can buy and sell luxury items of clothing still in good condition for a lesser price.
Owntherunway is an up and coming clothing site which tailors to the latest trends for young people for a bargain price. I particularly like the floral range they have right now! 
Lavishalice is unique, fun and I love their range of clothing. All of the clothes on their website aren't very expensive either. It also has a small vintage section with a range of unique pieces too. I am particularly fond of this dress from Lavishalice for £40.

Cream Jewel Embellished Collar Sleeveless Lace Back Dress
Holding everything from catwalk to the more casual, laidback styles Shelikes features a lot of different clothes for whatever your fashion taste or season. Nice clothing at very low prices dresses start from £8.99 and you could pick up a pair of shoes for a tenner! 
Glamorous is inspired by catwalk designs and trends, urban trends and also vintage fashion to create a mix of quality designs and clothes at a relatively cheap price. I really like the range of dresses they do specifically this teal one. 
Teal Ruched Maxi Dress 
A|wear is an irish brand/website catering for young women looking for quality items of clothing at a cheaper price. Like this moustache t shirt! 
Pink Moustache T-Shirt
A fun website you can get unique rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clothes and shoes for a cheap price. ALSO it has free delivery!
Is an Australian based therefore if you pay from outside of Australia you'll have to pay in Australian dollars.However the clothes are so cool, colourful leggings, stockings and an array of fun t shirts and baggy tops. I love the clothes on here they represent such a grungy/cool fashion.
Uniquely distinctive clothes is the motto they live and work by and judging by the clothes on their website that is exactly what they have created too. From their amazing (yet sold out) cat leggings to their funky different patterned jeans, my favourite is the blue paisley print ones.
  Pur-fectly Cat Leggings-sold out
Literally every little thing on this website costs £5! How good is that?! Not saying that the cheaper it is the better it'll be but there are a few things on here that I quite like.
A great selection of clothes for a fraction of the price. This website also has a £5 or less section which isn't too bad either.
This website has a big range of quite cheap clothing that is very much a part of this seasons trends for a lesser price. There is also free UK delivery when you spend over £45.
This website provides up to date fashion for young people. With a vast range of wearable fashions for all women of all sizes they also have a very good range of jewellry and shoes too. is a little more pricier than the rest however they styles and the clothes on this website are really unique and different from what you'd normally see in high street stores. This website has over 800 different brands on it in total so you're guaranteed a wide range of clothes.
There is something kind of ASOS-esque about the set out of this website, it started out as a vintage clothes website now it has grown into a internet platform of high street looks. With its array of bold leggings, my favourites either being the wine red velvet leggings or the pac man black leggings. 
Ultra stylish mix of clothes and jewellry for very good and cheap prices! 
Sassy and fun clothing at a good, reasonable price. I love this maxi dress from here too. It's perfect for summer 
Thewhitepepper's clothing to me is also very similar to those you may find in urban outfitter's but about £20 cheaper. Eclectic and cool, thewhitepepper also has a styleme page which shows you how to style a certain outfit for certain occasions which I think is very helpful. 
I think this site holds a few similarities to thewhitepepper in the clothes on there. I especially like the way they take a current trend and put their unique stamp on it.

More to come soon! I hope you like them all. Love A. x 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Half term clothes haul!

Hello everyone! I apologize about the lack of posts recently. I've been on half term for two weeks and today is my final day off. Over half term I have seen my friends a few times, went into work for a few days, shopped til I dropped and had plenty of lie ins. I thought I'd share with you some of the bargains I have picked up over the last two weeks!

This coral/pink jumper is from New Look and I got it for £12 in the sale  but it should have been £19.99 

I got this statement blazer in Primark?! It fits really well and it was a steal at only £7!

I picked up this maxi skirt in New Look which i could layer up when its cold or  save it for the summer evenings as well. I got it from New Look and it cost £16.99 

I got this flowery top in New Look, its quite loose fitting with shorter sleeves, perfect for a nice day in the summer *hint hint, I want some sun!* it cost £9.99 but right now there is a two for £15 on the tops in New Look

I got this top in H&M I really liked the zip detailing at the back and the sheer  patterning at the neck and on the sleeves too. This top cost £7.99 which I thought was really good, it also comes in a variety of colours too. 

Back view of the H&M as seen above.

I got this blue ombre vest top in New Look for £9.99.  Which is perfect for the ombre trend and also in the summer.

I got this Zara top on eBay for £6.99 which I was pretty chuffed with and the postage and packing was £2.99 so altogether it was £9.98. I really like this peplum top as I didn't really have many peplum tops at the time of buying it, I was really drawn to the embellishment at the top and I also saw it in Zara before but for a lot more money!

This is a close up of the embellishment on the Zara top above.

I got another peplum top this time from New Look for £7.99. What I like about this being plain black is that I could wear it casually with a jeans or dress it up smartly too.

I got a pair of burgundy/wine shade skinny jeans in H&M for £19.99 I really liked the colour and the fit of these especially as I don't tend to wear jeans as much, I'm more of a skirts or dresses type of girl.

I picked up this cardigan from Urban Outfitters for £22 and it should have cost £48 but it was in the sale. I really like the print on this cardi and it is so cost to wear as well.

Thank for reading, I hope you liked what you saw! I apologize about the messy state of my room in some of the photos as well!