Monday, 15 April 2013

Half term clothes haul!

Hello everyone! I apologize about the lack of posts recently. I've been on half term for two weeks and today is my final day off. Over half term I have seen my friends a few times, went into work for a few days, shopped til I dropped and had plenty of lie ins. I thought I'd share with you some of the bargains I have picked up over the last two weeks!

This coral/pink jumper is from New Look and I got it for £12 in the sale  but it should have been £19.99 

I got this statement blazer in Primark?! It fits really well and it was a steal at only £7!

I picked up this maxi skirt in New Look which i could layer up when its cold or  save it for the summer evenings as well. I got it from New Look and it cost £16.99 

I got this flowery top in New Look, its quite loose fitting with shorter sleeves, perfect for a nice day in the summer *hint hint, I want some sun!* it cost £9.99 but right now there is a two for £15 on the tops in New Look

I got this top in H&M I really liked the zip detailing at the back and the sheer  patterning at the neck and on the sleeves too. This top cost £7.99 which I thought was really good, it also comes in a variety of colours too. 

Back view of the H&M as seen above.

I got this blue ombre vest top in New Look for £9.99.  Which is perfect for the ombre trend and also in the summer.

I got this Zara top on eBay for £6.99 which I was pretty chuffed with and the postage and packing was £2.99 so altogether it was £9.98. I really like this peplum top as I didn't really have many peplum tops at the time of buying it, I was really drawn to the embellishment at the top and I also saw it in Zara before but for a lot more money!

This is a close up of the embellishment on the Zara top above.

I got another peplum top this time from New Look for £7.99. What I like about this being plain black is that I could wear it casually with a jeans or dress it up smartly too.

I got a pair of burgundy/wine shade skinny jeans in H&M for £19.99 I really liked the colour and the fit of these especially as I don't tend to wear jeans as much, I'm more of a skirts or dresses type of girl.

I picked up this cardigan from Urban Outfitters for £22 and it should have cost £48 but it was in the sale. I really like the print on this cardi and it is so cost to wear as well.

Thank for reading, I hope you liked what you saw! I apologize about the messy state of my room in some of the photos as well!



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