Friday, 10 May 2013



So last night me and my sister went to go see Mcfly in bournemouth which was ah-mazing! The last concert I went to was last July when I saw Blink 182 with two friends. This time, I wasn't too sure what to expect from it whether it would be how my eleven year old self would have imagined or filled with crazy fangirls. Needless to say my eleven year old self would have been delighted with myself, not only remembering all the words from their 2003 album but also..fangirling! If any of you haven't seen McFly live, I would 100% recommend it, they are great showmen and you'll have such a great night too!

The support act was also really good too. They were an up and coming band called The Vamps and I loved their song Cecilia too. They have just been signed to EMI records too so soon you'll be seeing and hearing them everywhere!

Although I am still feeling on a concert high, I always get this feeling after seeing a live act. Why don't I go and see bands, artists or comedians more often I ask myself? Feeling the thud of the bass beating through my chest, thrusting my hands in the air and singing along at the top of my voice not caring how bad I sound. It makes me want to see every artist or band I like. Then I get home and look at the prices online and remember why I stick to singing into my hairbrush with my iPod on full blast.. 

Love A. x


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