Thursday, 27 June 2013

Miners Colour and Kohl Eyeliners

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I use eyeliners a lot in my make up routine. Whether that be liquid liners creating a delicate, feline flick or an eye liner pencil and smudging it on my waterline creating a smokey, rock chick look.

Miners Cosmetics do a range of four colour and kohl eye liner pencils including black, brown, gold and blue. Selling them at a very reasonable price of £1.99 each, you may be thinking that they may not be as good as they higher priced products but as a dabbler in the eyeliner ranges I have tested them out for you. 

 This is the black eyeliner pencil and with one stroke onto my hand you can see that it gives a bold, heavy colour and I used it on myself and it lasted all day. 

 This is the brown colour and kohl eye liner pencil. If I'm being honest I'd never personally choose brown eyeliner for myself as I think black brings out my eye colour more, but after using it I can see that it works equally as well as black if you want to create a smokey eyed look, as it isn't as bold you can tone it down a lot more. Overall it creates a deep colour with one stroke onto my hand.

I really liked this gold one, as it is quite an unusual colour and one I wouldn't have automatically chosen for myself so I found it quite fun to try it out. It creates a vivid, glittery gold colour and I used it to line my eyelid on an evening out with friends.

 Some may argue that blue eyeliner/eyeshadow should remain a thing of the past.. However, I liked this eyeliner as like the rest it was really good to apply giving a nice,even colour. But I think it would suited someone with a darker eye colour than my light blue. 

I would definitely recommend these eyeliner pencils as I think that they are really good value for money at only £1.99 for some very good eyeliners. 

I hope you liked my post & thanks for reading! 

A. x


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