Friday, 14 June 2013

The role of the media

Hello!! Sorry there's been a bit of a lag in posts what with exams, revision and prom preparations things have been a bit hectic to say the very least.

On Monday I had my last exam, pschology a2, in which I had to write four essays in an hour and a half. After about a month of revision I was still feeling really nervous about it all as the grade boundaries in psychology are so near to each other so a few mistakes may cost a whole grade eeeek! Luckily for me the topics that I felt most confident with came up, so here's hoping that all my work will pay off!! Out of the topics we covered which are  relationships, aggression and eating behaviour I found the latter the most interesting. It covered everything to do with what psychological theories there are behind our eating behaviour, the success and failure of dieting, the role of the media, and anorexia. I particularly enjoyed learning about the role of the media, as I will admit I read many magazines,and catch up with the latest celeb news over twitter or other sites so I found it particularly interesting how this may affect our view of ourselves and our eating habits. 

Anyway, I've also sorted my prom dress out (finally) for my sixth form ball next friday night. I wasn't sure what to get for ages and spent ages looking online for something nice and affordable. I decided to go for a full length dress with a creamy coloured pleated top with beaded straps and belt design, and the skirt part is a peachy colour. When I picked it up I wasn't too keen on it and preferred a pistachio green coloured one but upon trying it on I loved it! Considering I wouldn't have chosen those colours automatically for myself as I'm very fair skinned. 


I decided to make this post as I went shopping today, and had that horrible feeling wash over me when you are full of beans picking out loads of clothes I really like in a shop, walk joyfully to the changing room, not caring about the cost, and try something on! You haven't put on any weight or lost any, and you're used to the fit of the clothes in this certain shop yet as you pull on these jeans no matter how many times you tug, you jump, you pull these jeans up they just.Don't. Fit.

It's a horrible thing. Staring into the dressing room mirror with  the clothes that looked so perfect on the thin mannequin, hanging  ungraciously around your thighs. But why? I may not be the perfect weight with the perfect body but why do we feel so awful that we don't fit into these clothes. I don't know about you but I have grown up in a world surrounded by the media, and skinny people in the media, those who are overweight tend to be made out to look like an outcast within the media, I remember Michelle Mcmanus on Pop Idol years ago was mocked for her weight. I've never been the skinniest of people and certainly battled with my weight and eating habits since I was about 12 when I realised that some people saw a tall,chubby girl instead of the girl with a personality, dying to get out. 

WHY!? I've grown up with a Mum who had outstanding body confidence and didn't care what other's thought. She's always telling us not to compare ourselves to others but in a world where thin is seen as successful (Bar Susan Boyle, Gemma Collins and Adele to name a few) can those who aren't the media's ideal of perfect stop having these changing room moments?

Or am I just on a role after this dreaded moment and went to an aerobics class in the evening??

Rant over.. Thanks for reading! A.x


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