Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Midweek rant

Hello again!

It's been a little while since I've written anything on here, I know, so here comes the first of a few posts over the next couple of days. Since my last post I can't say I've really done much other than working some extra days and seen a few friends here and there. My friend Tarryn came home from a holiday in NYC so we had a catch up and she was very thoughtful and whilst there bought me three pairs of earrings and an owl necklace, which I am wearing 2/3rds of now ha! 

Slightly going off on a tangeant but it'll make sense at the end, I broke up from sixth form about two months ago and my prom was at the end of June. My sister, Bronya, who is two years older than me and other people who've left school already had told me about how quickly the two years go and how the number of people you'll keep in touch with will be very differently to the number you think you will. Thing is, for years and years I never felt like I had one best friend more I had a lot of close friends and I taking their advice I didn't think I'd lose contact with a lot of people, or at least I hoped I wouldn't do. Literally a few weeks since prom, when 99% of my year group were there, I think that if I said there were 10 people at maximum that have remained in contact with me and them starting conversations rather than me pushing it all time. I don't quite know how I feel about that if I'm honest, especially as some of the people I thought I'd keep in contact with I haven't, I go through waves of feeling hurt and upset and feel that I should make the effort to see them but then after a few destiny child's songs on repeat I think "You know what if they don't want me around then I don't care *sing I'm a surivivor*". I guess that school and being thrown together for most of our day was the only thing we really had in common. So bringing us back to the original point, I haven't really seen that many friends as they were either working, didn't want to see me (awkwardddddd sorry!) or I was working. 

 As Britain is currently basking in lovely weather I have been making the most of it and attempting to get a tan. Although I did also make the silly mistake today of going for a run in like 26c heat! That's dedication, stupidity, for you  haha! 

I don't want to be one of those people complaining about the warm weather, don't get me wrong this is so much nicer compared to what we are used to, but working in this weather is one) so unfair especially when you see people going out enjoying the sun and two) where I work, there is no air conditioning and it causes the shop to get so stuffy and hot UGH. 

I hope you have had a lovely couple of weeks and if you are from the Uk I hope you have been making the most of this lovely weather, slap on that factor 25 and think of me in a hot, stuffy shop haha! 

thank you so much for reading another late night rant, love A. x


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