Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Online shops...Part three!

My online shopping addiction has reached new lows. I have several folders on my bookmark bar on my laptop all for different online shops. And if that isn't bad enough I have written three different blog posts about it..

I'm writing this post as I have found some new sites to add to my list and wanted to introduce you all to them too! 

Super cool clothing at Motel Rocks at a fraction of the price. 

I love the clothes on this website they are all really cool and you can find some great bargains. Plus the sale on there right now is really good too!

Rare has some great dresses available on here. I really like this dogtooth one below, I think it looks quite chic and it only costs a tenner!

Pearl Neck Dogtooth Dress

on trend clothing for a good price. 

The clothes on this site are bang on trend and they are sold at a bargain price too! I particularly like this clutch bag.

Madeline Chain Strap Clutch Bag In Cream

Has a good range of nice, on trend clothes for a great price to match other high street retailers.

Has quite girly and feminine clothes, good prices and a great section of clothes for £10

I love the quirky feel the clothes have on this site! For great prices you can find some really nice items. I really like this pinafore that costs £22.99

Offers girly fashions for a good price.

Boutique73 may be one of my favourite shopping sites I've found so far..if its not my favourite its definitely up there! They sell clothes from high street retailers for a fraction of the price.

Is a stylish online site with all of the best fashion finds and boutiques under one url.

Pretaportobello is literally like going to portabello road market without the hassle of actually going there and avoiding all the big crowds too. It houses on trend clothing as well as vintage finds to suit every person and style. 

Kate Kanzier is an online shoe retailer and stocks loads of great types of shoes from boots, to brogues, to comfy loafers and ballerina pumps. 

Sells designer clothes at a cheaper price, see if you can find any bargains!!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. Love, a. x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday 20th August

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST TODAY, GUYS!! First time with only one minor too! 

I was so nervous and was sure as I was doing it that I didn't think I would pass. It's not that I'm not a confident driver its just that the roundabouts were quite busy and I thought my nerves would get the better of me. The day before I walked under a ladder, a mirror broke at work and saw one magpie. I'm not the most superstitious person but when that all happened I felt it had to be a sign!

Eeeee but now after going out for a drive by myself (which is the weirdest thing ever) I am so so happy! 

Thanks for reading, A. x

Thursday, 15 August 2013


I picked up my results this morning!! Who knew opening a little envelope could be so scary!! Last years results day for me was really deflating as I felt I tried really hard and didn't achieve the grades I wanted, which was one of the reasons why I made the decision not to go to uni (also the debts looked quite off putting) 

But there I was nervous as anything peeling back the envelope this morning.. to see I got a C in Media Studies, a C in English literature and Language and a C in Psychology. 

Also in the psychology exam I did in June I got an A!!! I've never got an A before and I could have cried of happiness I was that pleased eeeeeee!!

love, a. x


So today is Results day for all the A level students in England. I'm not planning on going to University and to be honest I'm not too fussed what grades I get. Of course I'd like to get a nice set of grades as I feel I worked hard for the exams but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't. I have other plans with what I'm going to do in the next couple of years and they aren't grade dependent so..

However, I hope that all my friends and anyone reading this gets the results they need or wanted x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Nails of the day - Strawberry nails

 I tried to do a strawberry pattern on my nails. I used a rich red for the colour then used a yellow nail pen for the seeds and a green nail pen for the leaves at the top. If you don't have any nail pens you can always use a toothpick and dip it in some nail polishes. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

August wishlist

White Pattern (White) Monochrome Heart Print Shirt | 283809719 | New Look

I've seen this shirt a few times in New Look and have umm'ed and ahh'ed over it too. It costs £17.99.


I love this aztec jersey dress from Miss Selfridge for only £15 in the sale!

Acid wash Amelie superskinny jeans

Acid wash amelie skinny jeans from River Island for £35 are perfect for a grunge/cool look.

I love the whole pinafore/dungarees thing this season. I really like this acid wash one from Topshop costing £38

I love this cord shirt from Urban Outfitters for £30

Topshop brown leather boots for £45

Deena and Ozzy brown loafers from Urban Outfitters for £48

I really like this black and grey paisley print jacket from Lavish Alice for £26


I love this necklace from Rings and tings for £9

Hope you liked my post, thanks for reading. a x

Blue ombre nails - Nails of the day

I thought this would be a cute and kinda different thing to do on my nails. I used an array of different nail polishes. My pinky finger is a 17 nail polish and for my thumb nail I couldn't find a blue dark enough so I mixed a dark blue I already had with a bit of black nail polish. The other three fingernails are Barry M shades (from left to right) Cobalt blue, Cyan blue and Blueberry Ice cream.

I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading! Love, a. x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Miners Luxe Lips Creme Gloss Review

Hi everyone!

So Miners Cosmetics have sent me some of their new creme lip glosses to try and review for you all. The creme lip glosses are full of colour and look vibrant on, they also contain mineral oils and beeswax to create a super glossy look. Miners have got five different shades to suit everyone's style and they cost £3.99 each! Bargain?!

P.s I love love LOVE the names of the lip glosses too! 

Beauty Queen

I'd say this lip gloss would suit a darker skin tone, as I'm quite pale the rich brown shade didn't suit me as much.


I really loved this vibrant pink shade, it really gave my lips pop of colour and would look great on a night out!

It Girl

It Girl is a cute, cotton candy pink shade, I really liked this gloss it wasn't too heavy too apply (none of them were actually) and they all have a brush applicator so they're very easy to apply and you don't have to apply too much gloss. 

Uptown Girl

This peach/coral shade lip gloss looked really nice on and I think is a really nice summery shade. I think this gloss would really suit people with an olive skin tone. 

Material Girl

Channel your inner Madonna with this eye popping red shade. This one is really glossy and shiny and probably my favourite out of all five. 

I'd definitely recommend these lip glosses as they are really nice to apply, they don't feel too heavy at all when on and they last a long time too. I'd give these lip glosses a 4 out of 5. 

Lipglosses available here Miners Luxe Lips Creme Gloss

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! A. x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Look where I've been..

I realise if you weren't one of those watching the popular itv drama Broadchurch then this blog post won't really mean a lot to you. As a family we watched it and we found it even more exciting that we had actually been to the locations it was filmed at set in (actually filmed in a seaside town called West Bay in Dorset) and also that a hit drama was filmed in our part of the world.  

Beneath is some pictures of West Bay.

There is a really nice looking Bistro around the corner from the Broadchurch Police station overlooking the sea. 

The cast of Broadchurch. If you missed it, I'd totally recommend you to see it if you are into crime/drama series. 

Thanks for reading, A. x

Monsters University

Hello you! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

I've just come home from a lovely evening with my friend Titch (real name Alex) and we went to see Monster's University after we finished work. I've seen a lot of different reviews of this film some people saying it was great others said they felt a bit disheartened from the original Monsters Inc. I really enjoyed the film, I found it really funny and it took me right back to my childhood! I don't know whether it was because we went to a later showing at ten to seven or what but I was quite glad to see a lot of people my age also in the cinema too! 

I would totally recommend this film, it is fun for all the family, another one of Pixar's greats. 

Thanks for reading, A. x