Saturday, 28 September 2013

A beauty blogger's must have!!

Good morning!!

I have work today so i'm going to do a quick blog post now and maybe one later after I've finished. 

When I first started my blog I was looking at and following a lot of other beauty blogs for inspiration and to find out what the best things were to blog about. I noticed there was a common item across a lot of blogs and it is this..

Yes its the Lush lip scrubs. They are all very popular and come  in three different flavours, bubblegum, (as seen here and I'd probably say the most popular) popcorn and mint julips. 

The bubblegum one has a lovely sweet smelling aroma, which I really like, the main ingredients in this is caster sugar for the scrubbiness and jojoba oil to make your lips lovely and smooth and a few more ingredients too but I don't know what they do..

The popcorn lip scrub has a buttery crossed with a caramel smell and taste which was nice but I preferred the bubblegum one. 

Lastly, I really want to try the mint julips one as it's supposed to taste like mint choc chip (which fyi is my favourite ice cream) but just without the chip. Yum when the bubblegum one runs out I know what i'll be buying!

This lip scrub costs £5.50 which I think is really reasonable as it lasts such a long time and works wonders too. 

To use this product put some onto your finger and then rub onto your lips in circular motions. Once you are done you can either lick off the yummy sugar leftovers or simply wipe them away. Either way I'd suggest getting rid in case you want to run the risk of looking like you had a go at a packet of doughnuts..

This then will leave your lips feeling lovely and smooth and with a great taste too, but I would suggest you use a lip balm of some sort after applying the scrub otherwise your lips may dry out. 

Overall I am very impressed with this product and I am glad I bought it. I would definitely recommend this one to you all!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love, a x


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