Sunday, 1 September 2013


As Summer draws to a close we're faced with a lot of changes, from the weather, to within nature,to fashion as we wave a goodbye to the tans we got over summer and dust off those knits in our wardrobes getting ready for the colder climes. And another change that many may have to face is getting ready to go back to school. 

With that in mind, over the last few days I have made some decisions myself. From plans surrounding my future and career to the smaller things like whether I should wait for payday or buy those boots in the sale.. 

In the next couple of weeks, it'll be coming up to my first year I have been blogging, which may seem like nothing to some it has felt like it has flown by to me. A year ago now I didn't imagine I would be doing this as frequently if I'm honest and I'm so grateful to all of you that read my posts but also follow my blog/journey too. 

SO, eventually getting to the point I have decided to change the URL of my blog from to

I feel like over the last year I have grown up so much more and that this new name suits me a little bit more as well as suiting the context of my blog, also I don't know if you noticed I didn't post a single blog about a pedicure once! oops..

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love. a, x


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