Sunday, 1 September 2013

I think I'm addicted to shopping on my lunch break...

Hello everyone!! I hope you've all had a good weekend. I went to work yesterday and it wasn't too busy which was nice but it got a bit boring after a while. At work I have an hour lunch break in which I get some food and say hello to my friend Sam who works in the bakery opposite. I sometimes sit in the park nearby with a book or a magazine or meet someone in town. Recently I have noticed that for about the last month or so I have been working I have bought some things on my lunch break.. for the last couple of months I have noticed and become accustomed to the fact I can't walk into a Boots/Superdrug (drugstore for all you non British folk ha) without buying something. Big or small I will come out with something. 

When I worked on the Wednesday just gone I bought three more nail varnishes as they were on offer. plus I don't have those shades so I kinda had to get them, right?! 

I got this MUA nail varnish in Deepest Purple for a £1

I like this Rimmel London nail Varnish in a shade called Black Cherries.  I like the rich colour of this one, its a really deep reddy purple colour and it makes me feel grown up. 
I've been looking for a nice purple/lilac colour for a while and this Rimmel London one was the nicest one I saw.  This one is called Oh Boy You're So Fine!! (I have massive love for Rimmel London nail varnish names haha!)

Then yesterday on my lunch break I was looking around the town and went into oxfam. The one near where I work is great as you can always find a few gems hidden away.

I picked up these two and I love them already-

I picked up these beautiful copies of Catch 22 and Pride and Prejudice for 99p!!

I'll keep you all updated on my lunchtime spending habits! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it. A .x


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