Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My first time..

So Petit Promise tagged me in this 'First Time tag' and I hadn't actually heard of it before. 

The rules:
  • You must share the following firsts and give the story or the context of them as well. 
  • You must also tag 10 other bloggers to do the tag also. 
  • And finally you can't tag the person who tagged you.

First best friend:
My first best friend was a girl called Hattie. We met when we were about two or three and were in playgroup (preschool) together. We were pretty much inseperable throughout most of primary school until yr6 (we would have been aged 10) when her and her family moved to Texas.

First cd I bought:
The first cd I bought was S club 7's Never Had a Dream Come True single from Asda. boom impressed with my creepily good memory??

First concert:
I remember when I was about 6/7 I went to a blue peter concert (cool I know right) at weymouth beach and all the big pop stars of the time were there like Louise Redknapp. But I guess the first proper concert must have been t4 On the Beach in 2011 or Blink 182 in 2012. 

First celebrity crush:
Oh my god this makes me cringe so much thinking about it.I suppose it must have been Gareth Gates and the night of the Pop Idol final it was too late for me to stay up and watch it, so we recorded it and I watched it in the morning before school, he came second and I cried..

First Word:
I'm not actually too sure, I remember my parent's used to say it was 'Eh' which I also argued isn't a real word..

First pet:
When I was younger we had a lot of goldfish over the years. I can't quite remember any names though. I remember one we called Goldie. 

First Job:
My first job was when I was 16 I volunteered at an Oxfam then about a month later I got a paid job working on the shop floor in Boots.

First Phone:
My first phone was the Nokia 3310. Was a great little phone, I distinctively remember I bought a bright pink Hello Kitty phone case for it. It even had snake!

First tweet:
Was to my friends who already had twitter, saying "Look who's on twitter!?!"

First item of make-up:
I remember I bought a collection 2000 eyeliner pencil and would line my waterline and that would be it. I would leave the house thinking I looked the bees knees. In reality I must have looked so bad. 

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Thank you all for reading! I hope you liked it, love a. x


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