Friday, 27 September 2013

Primark Haul

Hello you lovely lot! 

This post has been delayed a bit but I've finally got round to putting it up so snaps for Abbie! *If you haven't seen Legally Blonde that probably made no sense*

So a few weeks back I went to the Holy Grail of cheap but nice clothes otherwise known as Primark. And I spent about £20ish I lost the receipt but it was no higher than £25. I had to take something back so I thought 'Hey!? What better time to buy a load of new stuff and try to and build a capsule wardrobe'.

So here are my new(ish) buys!!

I really liked this red top, I like the slight rolled up sleeves, the cute little pocket with the gold chain detailing and I loved how its made of a quilted material. This top is also available in a cream colour and a dark green colour.

Cute little pocket

I wasn't sure whether the quilted material would show up. So here you are..

I got a black sweatshirt as I don't actually own one like it. It's really cosy and it also has quilted  theme going on with  it on the sleeves.

A closer look at the quilted sleeves.

I saw this burgundy shift dress and really liked it but was unsure on whether to get it or not. My sister persuaded me too as I could dress it up smartly, or go for a casual look with cut out leather boots and a chunky necklace.

I got this gold chain necklace for £2. I don't have a lot of gold jewelry and i thought this was nice and quite understated.

This necklace was £4 and I really liked it and thought it would look cool piled on top of the black sweatshirt I bought or even the shift dress for an edgier look..

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love A,x


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