Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Boots,Superdrug and New Look haul

Hi you! 

My shopping bags and my H&M handbag.
So I went shopping today and I wasn't going to spend a lot of money as I'm (keyword here) supposed to be saving money. Well that certainly didn't go to plan. As soon as I see the word 'sale' or 'buy one get one free' etc my mind goes "Buy. Buy it now!".

Also in my defence it was raining really heavily so I was kind of forced into buying stuff right?? Erm someone back me up here.. 

So I'll start with Boots!

I got a baby pink lip liner pencil from Barry M costing £2.99.

Bourjois pencil sharpener as I don't have one and it cost £2.49 and its a pretty colour too!
 I don't know if Boots have got a new beauty line in or I just never noticed Sinful Colours before but they have a fantastic and massive line of nail varnishes for £1.99 and I picked up a few (five..oops)

This is really cool metalic burgundy shade called Dancing Nails. Super cute!

Same as above.

I really like this shade of pink it's not too garish and it has a kinda matte look to it. It's called  Pink Forever.  

Same as above.

I really like this shiny metallic purple colour. I think it's  fun and I don't own anything like it . This one is called Let's Talk.
Same as above.

This polish is a similar shade to the one above but its a lot more glittery and pretty. It's called  Frenzy.

Same as above.

I think this metallic white shade is really cool  and there is a kind of 'Mother of Pearl' feel about it. This shade is called Tokyo Pearl.

Same as above.


These are so handy and I just ran out of them  but in Superdrug they had  2 for 1 or some sort of similar offer on.

I bought these for £1.99 I've used them before and they are so simple to use and they work really well. I'd 100% recommend them!

I got this MUA mascara for a pound (what a bargain!!) I'll do a review on them soon.

I've seen these Baby Lips moisturisers all over the bloggersphere and wanted to get one and see what they're like! There is a buy one get one half price on all Maybeline products so I got two!  

I got the clear minty one above and this pink coloured one. The Baby Lips  moisturisers cost £2.99.
I got this Collection 2000 gel eyeliner  for £4.99 I've never tried it before so am looking forward to trying it!

I used up some of my superdrug points on this L'oreal eyeliner which  is my favourite. It costs £6.49  but I think it's totally worth it.
I also got this MUA lisptick in a light pink colour for £2.

The colour doesn't show up that well but i'll do a post on it soon and hopefully it'll show the colour better.

New Look
I got this black and white geometric jumper for £11. I really liked the pattern on it and I bought it in  a bigger size because I love wearing comfy baggy jumpers in the Winter.

This is the geometric pattern on the jumper.

I got this black A line skirt for £7. It has a cool flowery embossed print on it.

Close up of the embossed print.

I picked up this sleeveless white shirt for £8. I think that it will come in handy as I could wear it tucked into a skirt, with jeans or with a jumper over it. 

I also got this white t shirt that has a crocodile print style material.  This cost £9.

It also has a little zip feature on it. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love, a x


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