Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hollywood nails


I haven't done a nail art post in ages so after flicking through an old copy of Company Magazine I have decided to replicate the Hollywood sign nails they did a few months back. And I would say it was actually a lot easier to do than it looks. 

You will need:
A light blue nail polish
An olive green nail polish
A few different shades of green too
One black nail art pen and a white nail art pen (if you don't own a pen you can always buy the dotting tools, use a thin paint brush or even use a toothpick)

I started by setting out 10 of the false nails I was going to use. I am a bit ocd and set them out in order from thumb to pinky. It makes it easier when it comes to putting them on. 

When buying these falsies I always get the Kiss full cover nails, either in the square tip or oval. They cost £6.49 from Boots for a box of 100.

These are the polishes I used (L-R)
Bourjois so laque ultra shine in Lime Catwalk
NYC 298 in High Line Green
Rimmel London Lycra pro 520 in Camouflage Chic
Barry M nail paint 66 in Matte White
17 Lasting Fix in Heartbeat
A black and white nail art pens which I got at the ideal home exhibition ages ago. Similar can be found on amazon or Ebay. 
Lastly a Collection polish in black which I didn't need in the end.

To be able to paint the false nail easier I wrapped some blu tac around a chopstick I found in my desk drawer (it was unused, I'm not that messy) but a pencil can be used too. I then placed the nail on top resting it in the blu tac which'll hold it in place and painted it. 

I used two coats of the polish on each nail and left them to dry for a few minutes. This created the look of the sky in the background.

I then used an old make up sponge and coated one edge with the olive green colour and dabbed it onto the bottom half of the false nail creating the look of the greenery beneath the hollywood sign.

Ta da! I left this to dry for a few minutes.

I then used the paintbrush and did thin strokes of the Bourjois and NYC polish to give the look of different plants and colours. If it went a bit wrong I just touched it up with the green Rimmel polish.

I washed off the paintbrush and dipped it into the Barry M nail polish and onto the blue parts dabbed on smudgy dots to create the illusion of clouds.

Using the white nail art pen I used the squeezy dotting side and spelled out the word Hollywood along with an exclamation mark.

I then went around the letters with a black nail art pen to create the illusion of a shadow, making each letter stand out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love, A x


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