Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My 'I spent too much, payday is too far away and now i'm sad' haul

HELLO! How are you all, you lovely lot?

So yesterday I splurged. What makes it worse is that payday is a lot further away than I originally thought so it looks like I won't be doing anything until then..

But here are the things that I got:

I got this coat in Primark for £25 and I  love it! I saw it on another blogger's post and I really liked it. 

This is the material of the coat. it's really soft and cosy.

I really like the oversized look.

And I love the giant pockets. Perfect for hiding vaseline tins in, in the winter!  

I also picked up some sweets to leave in my car. 

I got this red velvet skirt in Primark for £8. I'm looking forward to wearing it on a night out  with a leather jacket and cut out boots. 

I also got these two books in W H Smith for £8.99 for them as they were  in a buy one get one for a £1 special offer. I have started reading The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul already and I really like it so far.  The story is about five different women from all walks of life who meet in the coffee shop. I think I was drawn to this book as I thought the plot was quite intriguing as I don't really know much about Afghanistan other than the War and it's been quite interesting to read about a different side and about the difficulties women face in this country.

I also picked up The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I'd been looking for this for ages and was quite glad to see it sitting on the shelf. I've never read a John Green novel as yet and it's no surprise he has such a vast following and I only read a few pages. For those who aren't aware of the story, it is narrated through the point of view of Hazel a 16 year old cancer patient (I can tell already I'm going to cry reading this book) Hazel's parent's make her go along support group where she meets Augustus, an amputee, and subsequently falls in love with him.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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