Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Removing glitter nail varnish

Hello! Happy 1st of October, is it me or is 2013 flying by?!

Removing normal nail varnish can be a labourious task at the best of times but when you throw a glitter nail varnish into the mix you are sat there scrubbing away at your nails having gone through a hefty amount of cotton pads and nail varnish remover. 

There must be an easier way surely?? I love the look of glittery nail polishes but I have to admit that the long task of taking off the nail polish puts me off the idea of wearing it altogether. 

I have found a few ways that help make it a lot easier and quicker! 

Firstly the tin foil method

What you do is soak a cotton pad in nail varnish remover and wrap it tightly around your nail. Then you wrap some tin foil around this and leave for 10 minutes. By the time its done you take it off and it should leave you with a lovely clean nail, if not the remnants should come off a lot easier. This method is also used to remove the long lasting shellac nails. 

Make a glitter polish sandwich

To make it easier to take off make sure you have applied a base coat and a layer of top coat. This will make it a little bit easier to remove as you won't be directly rubbing the glitter. 

Use a different material

Using a different material instead of cotton wool pads can help make it easier to remove glitter polishes. Using an old pair of tights can be good as absorb less of the remover so more will go on your nails. Any old fabrics is good too say like an old cloth or an old flannel. Similarly felt is also a good option, if you use a white coloured one so the colours won't transfer, as it won't absorb a lot of the remover like the tights and it also won't transfer any fibres or lumps like cotton pads often do. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this'll help! Love, a x


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