Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Versatile blogger award

Hello guys sorry it's been a while but what with work and my second cold of autumn/winter (boo) I couldn't find the time to write a new post.

So the lovely Alyssa at Waking Up in Blush who's a gorgeous fashion and beauty blogger, I would totally recommend you to check out her blog. She nominated me for the versatile blogger award and I am so so flattered! 


The rules of this award are as followed:
  • You must display the Versatile Blogger award somewhere on your blog. 
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the post you'd do on it
  • Within your blog post you write 7 facts about yourself then you must nominate 7 other bloggers. 
So, here goes!

  1. I can't make a decision. I can't ever decide what I want for lunch most days so I have no idea how I'll ever make a serious decision in life. 
  2. One time when I was little I cried when my feet grew and I had to get new shoes as I didn't want to grow up and have big feet. 
  3. I've never had a best friend before. I've had a lot of friends but never that one person I could always turn to or rely on. 
  4. I'm afraid of ghosts or anything paranormal, the dark and I have an irrational fear of birds. Especially when they fly really near to you. 
  5. My favourite subject when I was at school was French. I wish in some ways I carried it on. 
  6. There are so many places in the world I'd love to go to. One of my favourite things to do is to travel whether it be abroad or just going to somewhere new in the UK. 
  7. I am a massive foodie. I love eating and trying new things but I have a major sweet tooth so anything chocolatey or sugary sounds good to me! 
And the lovely bloggers I am nominating!

Caitlin at Oceanic Stars

Lauren at LaurenMidd

Hannah at The Glam Addict

Lizzie at Head-Full-of-flowers

And girlies when you have done yours link them to me so I can have a read!x

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! Love, A x


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