Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas nail art!


I am already so excited for Christmas even though there is over a month and a bit to go (37 days if like me you are counting!). 

Today I have decided to spread my early Christmassy joy by showing off some fun nail art ideas ready for the jolly season. I mentioned it in my Halloween nail art post but I used a white nail wheel I bought off of Amazon. I bought a pack of ten for about £1 which is such a bargain and I have put them to good use too. 

I used quite a lot of nail polishes for this nail wheel..

The colours from left to right:
17 Lasting Fix nail polish in Heart Beat
Barry M nail polish in Bright Red
Collection nail polish in Ebony
Barry M nail polish in Red Wine
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Blueberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Mango
Barry M nail polish in Matt White
Model's Own nail polish in Gold Rush
Bourjois So Laque nail polish in Lime Catwalk
No7 Stay Perfect nail polish in Practically Perfect
The free nail polish with last month's Company Magazine in Lana

To add the details onto the nails I used these nail art pens. The white one is a Model's Own and it has a pointed nib tool as well as a striper. Whereas the other ones have the nib tool and a normal brush inside. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. If you liked any of the nails in particular I am happy to do a tutorial post on them! 
Love, a X


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