Thursday, 21 November 2013

Easy nail art.


I remember when I first turned my hand to trying to do some artsy things on my nails. I thought they looked really rubbish and I'd never be able to create interesting looks or designs. However after a lot of trying and many hours I think I have improved dramatically. 

Whenever I post a nail art post I often get people commenting about how they feel they can't reproduce something similar. I am nowhere near an expert I have too much time on my hands and far too many polishes/nail pens! 

I have compiled some cool nail art designs which I think are quite easy to do and replicate. 

So I'm going to start off with the easiest of them all. A simple glitter tip. It takes next to no time to do and it always looks so cool. 

I started off with a plain white base. I used a Barry M nail paint in the shade Matt White. 

I then used a glittery gold polish and swept the brush across the end of the nail. 
The polishes I used.  
Tuxedo nails.

Start off with a black base. 
Draw a V shape at the top of the nail using either a nail art pen or you can use a toothpick dipped in white nail polish to create the same effect.

Then fill in the v shape to create a thick white colour inside the V. 

I used a white nail art pen, the nib tool to draw two squiggly lines either side of the V to create the look of lapels. Then used a dotting tool to create the look of buttons down the black part of the suit.

To add to the effect of the tuxedo. In the V shape, I drew a bowtie and some shirt buttons with a black nail art pen. To draw the bowtie I slowly drew opposing triangles to create the look of it.

Galaxy nails
For this look I started with a black base on the nail. I then used an old make up sponge which I have cut up into small pieces to make it easier to use. 
Holding the sponge piece with a pair of tweezers I dipped the corner in some white nail polish.

I then sponged the white polish in a slight curved line across the painted black nail. 

Then I used a light blue colour in the middle of the white stripe. And then a dark blue colour around the edges the stripe. 
At this point I didn't think it was going well. So i added a bit more white and then blended it out with the light and dark blue. Do this until you reach the colours you like. 
Once I was happy with the way it looked I used a white dotting pen. I did a mix of smaller and bigger dots to create the look of stars and moons.

Once I thought it was dry I put a silver and glitter coat over the top. The white spots weren't quite dry so it smudged.  I thought it looked better that way however as it looks more like a shooting star.

Penguin Nails
I started off with a black base and then using a dotting tool I drew a semi circle like shape at the bottom of the nail. 

Above the white oval shape I dotted two white circles to create the look of eyes. 
I then used a black dotting tool in the middle of the white dots to make eyes. 
I don't have an orange dotting tool. So i improvised using the Barry M gelly hi shine nail paint in the colour Mango and an old kirby grip. 
Using the kirby grip carefully I drew a triangle stretching from the eyes to the tip of the white oval shape to make a nose. And two small semi circles at the bottom to create little feet.

 Cartoon Nails

I started off with a red base colour. I used two coats for this to give it a rich, even colour.

After the red layers dried I went around the edges carefully with a black nail art pen drawing a medium thickness black line.
Wait for this to dry..

I then used a white nail art pen and drew a dot at the bottom and a slightly curved white line above to create the look of an artificial shine. 

 I then went over this with a matte finish polish to get rid of any natural shine.

et voila!

If any of you use these tutorials I'd love it if you got in touch and let me know how you found it!

Thanks for reading, I really hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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