Sunday, 17 November 2013

Miners fresh faced powder review!


I got home from work yesterday was greeted by a lovely parcel from Miners Cosmetics. I always get so excited when I receive anything in the post, from postcards to bank statements to online orders.. I don't know why haha! 

Anyway, Miners Cosmetics have come out with some fab new powders to add to their evergrowing range. I was looking forward to trying this out as I am quite pale and have a lot of freckles and I find it quite hard to find a foundation/powder that suits me. 

Fresh Faced Powder from Miner's Cosmetics is a matte powder that is also 100% paraben free. It comes in three different shades, translucent Ivory which is the palest of the shades perfect for those with fair skin. Secondly there is Soft Sand which is a little bit darker than the paler shade. I think this shade is perfect for those with a medium skin tone. Lastly there is the darkest out of the three shades and it's called Warm Honey. I think this shade will suit those with a medium-olive skin tone as it has a slight yellowy undertones to it which would compliment a tanned or medium/olive skin tone.

To apply the powders you can use a sponge or a brush to give an even coverage. These powders can be used as a base instead of using a liquid foundation. Equally it can be used to set your liquid foundation and may help it last longer throughout the day too. 

Above are the three powders. The case in black with a clear lid. It isn't too big so is perfect to pop in your make up bag.  
I put the powders in order from lightest to darkest.

I swiped Translucent Ivory with my finger.

Translucent Ivory is on my middle finger and Soft Sand is on my index finger.

My middle finger and index finger are the same powders as above and my thumb is Warm Sand. 
Before, no make up,
After I used some of the Soft Sand powder. Blemishes, what blemishes?!

What I love about this powder is that it's so easy to apply as it doesn't take very long at all to rub in. It doesn't have a smell to it at all, as some powders have a very strong smell to them which puts me off. Some powders look really flaky and makes my skin look quite dry but this one applied really naturally and I'm very impressed.

Pros of this product:

It's 100% paraben free.
Is a great match to my skin colour. 
Applies nicely and doesn't take long to blend.
Gives a natural coverage.
I like that the packaging is really sleek and simple. 
Doesn't feel 'heavy'.

Cons of this product:
Only three different shades available.
Personally, I found it didn't last as long as I'd hoped and had to reapply again throughout the day. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love, A x


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