Sunday, 29 December 2013

Meet Charlie..

Hi everyone!! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones gorging on lots of yummy foods and generally being spoiled rotten!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently what with Christmas and all the mayhem leading up to it and after everything with me has been a little bit hectic to say the very least! I must say this Christmas I have been thoroughly spoiled rotten by my two best friends, the ladies I work with and all of my family and I've received some amazing presents that I will cherish. Possibly my favourite thing to happen to my family and I over the Christmas period would be the arrival of the puppy! At the beginning of December my Mum saw an ad in the local paper about some schnoodle (schnauzer cross toy poodle) puppies for sale. I went to work that day and we were considering going to see them after I finshed at 4 but when I got picked up my Mum, Stepdad and sister had already gone round and bought the little boy one. He was available to pick up on Boxing day and we have all fallen in love with him already!

His name is Charlie and he is so cute. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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