Thursday, 12 December 2013

Midweek catch up!


I hope you're all well and loving the Christmas cheer at the moment! I for one am very excited for Christmas Day to come for one of two reasons. This year unlike any other I have managed to finish my Christmas shopping a lot earlier than expected and usual. I'm normally the person panicking on Christmas Eve but not this year, a certain little miss over hear had all the presents wrapped within the first week of December so I can sit back, relax and watch everyone else go crazy shopping! Secondly I love Christmas as I have always had such lovely connotations of it being a time for families. Every Christmas Day for as long as I can remember my grandparents have always come up and joined us and we see various other family members over the days leading up to and after Christmas. Ahhh I just can't wait! 

Anyway, I was writing this post as I feel I haven't really posted much recently. I have been having a few troubles with my Google+ account which has meant no new comments have come up nor have I been notified on them. Annoyingly I can't seem to find a help button or an email address I can use to contact someone to see if there is anything I could do to fix this.

So I want to fill you in with what I've been up to recently!  Over the last couple of weeks I seem to have grown busier and busier which I have been enjoying! On Monday I went shopping with my Mum and Sister. There were quite a lot of clothes that I really wanted to get but I couldn't justify getting them to myself, especially at this time of year and what with a lot of my friends coming home from uni and organising nights out or going to the pub, I thought I better not! In the evening I saw one of my closest friends Eloise for a meal. I hadn't seen her since the beginning of September as she's moved to Plymouth for uni. That was really nice having a catch up with her alongside a really delicious burger. Even though we hadn't seen each other for months we were sat there chatting as if we'd never been away! 

On Tuesday I met my friend Morien for a coffee. We hadn't seen each other since early August as we both were really busy and she had moved to Falmouth for uni. It was so lovely to spend some time with her and have a catch up. Afterwards we went for a walk at a national trust place not too far from where we were and it looked really beautiful when I went there with Mum in the autumn but now all the leaves have fallen off the trees it looked quite bare and solemn. 

On Wednesday I didn't really do much in the day time. I was going to get some things sorted but I accidentally had a lie in and decided that as I had already wasted a few hours there wasn't much point in starting now so my sister and I carried on with our Desperate Housewives marathon. Every series is on Sky+ boxsets at the moments so we're getting through them quite quickly and are already on one of the early episodes of series 2! In the evening I was meeting my three colleagues at a pub for a relaxed 'meeting'. We had some work stuff to discuss and wanted to get it said and out the way in a fun, friendly way! Then we later went on to a local restaurant for our staff Christmas meal. I was excited yet a little anxious. Even though I get on really well with my co-workers I have never been to a work party before and in general I am quite a socially awkward person so I tend to attract bad things.. I'm not really one to complain in a restaurant, but the drink I asked for came out wrong and they got the wrong starter for me so I told the waiter nicely that there had been a mix up. Nonetheless we all had a great time. It was really nice seeing the others girls out of  work and getting to know them all a bit better! The food was really good too. I had a duck and port pate to start. It tasted really nice and the presentation was really unique too. They put the pate in a little jar which I thought looked really cool.  For mains we all had the roast turkey and all the trimmings, it was so good but so so filling all the same. And for pudding I had a winter berry crumble and by this point I was feeling so unbelievably stuffed. 

So that's about it for my week so far, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Love, A X


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