Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time getting spoiled by your loved ones and eating your weight in Turkey, pigs in blankets and Quality Street!...Because I certainly did. I got utterly spoilt by my family this Christmas and I want to share some of the things they got me with you here. I am in no way bragging in this post I am extremely thankful for everything I have received and feel very blessed to have such a loving family and two best friends. 

This has some great tips and advice on nail care and some really cool nail art designs too!

My old hair dryer broke the week before christmas and I would wash my hair in the evening and dry it by the fire afterwards. But I am very impressed with this hair dryer so far. Expect a review on it quite soon! 

I really like this scent, it is long lasting and is a lot better than I expected as I'm usually quite sceptical of celebrity fragrances. 

I've been relying on my mum's ghd's for quite a while now and asked for these for christmas as I have heard quite a lot of good reviews and was on a special offer in Boots.

I really liked the idea of this perfume set as I like quite a few of the perfumes in this and wouldn't mind trying the others too.

Inside there are little bottles that contain about 6-7 spritzes inside. This set also comes with a voucher equivalent to a 30ml bottle of one of the fragrances. 

I got an EOS lip balm from my sister.

And plenty of Lush products too! What's Christmas without a bit of Snow Fairy, eh?
I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading! Love, A x


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