Friday, 31 January 2014

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop

When I was at work on Wednesday a lady popped into the shop, she seemed a little bit distressed and walked over to the counter where I was stood. She said that she had a flat tyre, no spare, no money and her phone didn't have any signal and asked whether she'd be able to use our work phone. Even though our policy doesn't allow for customers to use the phone I said she could anyway as she seemed a bit troubled. She was on the phone about five or so minutes and didn't really affect me in the slightest. She thanked us numerous times for letting her use the phone and off she went. Off she went and I didn't really think about it again, then she came back again on Thursday and approached me at the counter, and handed over a box of chocolates for my colleague and I to share. She said she was so thankful for that act of kindness and wouldn't have known what to have done otherwise. 

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE POINT OF THIS POST (sorry to cyber shout!!) I had such a nice, warm feeling inside knowing that my small act made someone's day or someone's life a bit easier that to celebrate me turning 19 on the Monday just gone,  throughout the year I am going to try and aim to do 19 different good things and I will post each one on here. 

Thanks for reading, love A x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shopping with Glitter Gnome haul!


Yesterday Titch and I went shopping and I managed to put a lot of my Christmas and birthday vouchers to good use. I bought several things that I had been wanting for ages as well as picking up a few other things too. I am going to show you the things I bought from each shop and I'll start off with the holy grail that is Primark! 

I really like this top and have a similar one in black with a plain white lace collar. This was only about £12. 

It is made out of a really nice stretchy grey material. 

I really like the lace and pearl collar, I think it looks really girly and pretty.

A close up of the lace and pearl collar. 

I found a necklace I really liked too and it was only £5! 
I'm not usually a fan of gold jewellery but this really stood out to me.  

I think it looks really pretty and I like that the colours are quite neutral too especially for a statement necklace like this. 

I think the chain detailing is quite different too. 

As they are only £1 I got one of these and picked up another for my sister. Where do they go?! I'm always buying more and losing them?!? 

As you may have seen in my end of January wish list post I wanted a pair like this from Topshop. I did see them in Topshop but they were £10 and these were £2. The only real difference between these two aviators is that the Topshop ones are black frames compared to these silver ones. 

I also got these in Primark for £2 as I saw very similar ones in Topshop for £18. I've always had black oversized sunglasses but I liked the look of these round ones even if I do look like Willy Wonka!  

With these I like the fact the sunglasses arm is quite thick. 

They both also came with a little black bag to carry them in. 

River Island
Also featured in my end of January wish list were these black cut out boots. I've wanted these for ages and I finally purchased them yesterday. They cost £38.
I really love the look of cut out boots! 

Front view of them.

From behind.

From the top. 

And a close up of the buckles.

I got this skirt for £14.99. I really like the patter and skater style and plus I've been looking for one like this for ages! 

What it looks like from the front.

A close up of the pattern on it. 

What it looks like from behind. I like the zip detailing.

There was a few offers on that I managed to take advantage of. There was a buy one get one half price on the batiste dry shampoos and a three for two on Seventeen products. 

I usually use te floral and flirty blush one but as there was a buy one get one half price I thought I'd try a new one for a change and I thought the striking and spicy monochrome had the nicest looking bottle ha!

I got the miracle matte foundation in porcelain from a recomendation from Titch. I have used wake me up foundation by Rimmel for ages and really liked that one so thought I'd try a new one for a change.

I've seen Super Lash mascara advertised and it looks really good so I picked that up to give it a go it had an offer on it and it came with a free Super Lash Liner so I'll give that a whirl too! 

Ahhh Lush! Even the name itself is inviting! I have a few things from there left over from Christmas including a bath bomb, a fun bar and the majority of a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel! Here's some things I picked up: 

Space Girl bath ballistic for £2.25

Butterball which has a really nice vanilla scent for £2.50.

And Think Pink bath ballistic for £2.50.

The kind lady on the till also gave us a free sample of their porridge soap! 

And last but certainly not least I picked up three pairs of socks in their £3.50 each or three for £8 offer. 
I thought these all looked really cool and would work well underneath my new cut out boots! 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post! Love, A x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I turned 19!


I have been a bit absent from my blog recently and I am sorry about that.. Yesterday/Monday/the 27th of January it was both mine and my mum's birthday! Yes I was born on my Mum's birthday haha I suppose for me I always forgot that, that is very unusual and perhaps lucky or unlucky depending on what side you look at it from. 

So I turned 19! And thinking about it I have had quite a good year being 18 and I didn't really want it to end! A lot of great things happened and I hope that the next year will be just as good or even better. 

On our birthday i got spoilt rotten by my family. I went for lunch at a local country pub with my mum and sister and we had really nice mezze boards.

Then in the evening, the four of us including my stepdad went out for dinner to an Indian and had a really nice meal (I know!! eating out twice in one day, lucky us!!)  

My mum made me a really cool cake too. 

It was so good but so sickly sweet! It looked really nice too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, love A, x 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

End of January wishlist


Its that funny time of year when the shops are trying to get rid of all the leftover sales stuff. Its still really cold yet the high street are bringing in the S/S collections despite it being a chilly January. You don't know whether you need to start looking for summery clothes and preparing that beach bod or putting on another winter coat and huddling around the fire place.

I wasn't very impressed with the sales this year. I think I was partly to blame as I was looking forward to them since the beginning of December and then they were a bit of an anti climax. I know a few people who managed to grab a few bargains but I must say I was a little disappointed with several high street stores and their sale selection and also the fact they were trying to sell broken items?! This always baffles me? Does anyone buy that? Anyway! Here is a little wishlist of mine. A few things have caught my eye recently and what with mine and my mum's birthday on Monday what better reason to treat myself eh!

Going down starting with the top left:

First Column:
I really like that ASOS Lumberjack shirt. I think it would look really cool with black jeans and ankle boots or even a black midi dress. £45

I have grown very fond of oversized coats and oversized clothing in general at the moment. And I think this coat from River Island would look really chic. £80.

Middle column:
I love LOVE love the look of cut out boots and if you are a reader of my blog you may know this by know! I love this pair from River Island for £38. I like the fact that the heel isn't too high or chunky.

I love a nice collar! And this ASOS shirt has the prettiest little scallop collar. This would love great teamed with a pastel jumper and jeans or even with a dress layered over the top for a preppy feel. £25

This iPhone case is from ASOS and is the coolest (ha) thing I've seen! I've recently bought an iPhone and want to get a fun case for it as there are so many its difficult to choose. Almost everyone has either the melting hard cover case or the silicone gameboy and I want to find something a bit different. £12.

End column:
I love these New Look Loafers they cost £17.99. I have tried on a few pairs in various different shops and they always seem to make me look like a gawky supply teacher so I'm hoping these won't!

For years I have had the same pair of sunglasses and since I was about 13/14 I have stuck with the same type as well, by having a pair of black oversized sunnies on me most of the time. I fancied a bit of a change and I was in Topshop the other day when these caught my eye. These Aviators cost £10 and they look a lot like Ray Bans. They are a bit different to something I'd usually go for and I really like them.

Another potential phone case is this purple lace and pearl one from Amazon. It costs only a mere £1.44 and I think it looks really cute.

Lastly, I love this red tote from Accessorize. I like to have a big handbag to carry every possible thing with me and this one has a lot of handy compartments. I also love the pop of red it'd add to an outfit. I don't tend to wear a lot of red or bright colours for that matter and this one stood out straight away to me.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My favourite nail art wheel!

Hello everyone I hope you're all having a good week! 

As you all may know I am slightly obsessed with all things nail arty! So I created this nail wheel of all my current favourite nail art ideas! 

From the top white one going clockwise:
Barry M white with a black nail art pen to create the look of a moustache but now I think if looks more like a bat ha! 

I used a collection lasting gel colour in coral reef with a black nail art pen.

I used a Barry M nail paint in Mint Green with a white nail art pen.

I used a Barry M nail paint in black. Then used a white nail art pen and drew a triangle from the top of the nail. I waited for that to dry and then used a black nail art pen to draw a bow tie and three small shirt buttons. I did a tutorial on this a few years ago which should be on my blog somewhere! 

I then used a Gosh nail paint in the shade 569 Flamingo all over the nail. When that dried I drew a black stripe down the nail and coloured the other half in white. I find it easier to do it this way as I don't have a very steady hand. In the white side I used the liner side of a black nail art pen. 

For this one I used a Rimmel London shade in Oh Boy You're So Fine. I waited for that to dry and then used a Barry M white polish to dab random spots and shapes on the nail. Then went round the white parts with a black nail art pen either dotting round them or a semi circle. 

I used a Barry M colour in bright red. Then at the tip of the nail I drew some white lines. Once they dried i drew an anchor over the top with a black nail art pen. 

I used a nude colour No7 colour for the base. I used a brown Barry M shade to randomly dot on the nail. Once that had dried I added extra details with a black nail pen around the brown dots or in any empty spaces. 

For the top half of the nail I used a 17 yellow polish and I used an old eye shadow applicator as I lost my sponge and dabbed on the Barry M gelly nail paint in the colour mango. Once this had dried I drew a palm tree with a black nail art pen. 

The base colour i used was Barry M paint in Cyan blue. Once that dried I used a white nail art pen to draw clouds. 

I used an orange gelly nail polish in mango. At the bottom I used a black nail art pen and used a white pen to fill in the middle. Once that dried I wrote POW with a black nail art pen and used the white pen to add dots to the orange part. 

I used the Barry M white paint for the base colour and a black nail art pen to draw the cross. 

I used a blue/purple colour and drew an A on it with a black pen. 

Next I used a Model's Own colour in 24 carat gold and went over the top with a Model's Own hed kandi in disco heaven. Over that I drew a lightning stripe shape with a black nail pen. 

I used a collection lasting gel colour in Antique Rose and drew a black stripe down the middle. Then on the the other side i used the models own hed kandi glitter to add a bit of sparkle.

It's not really nail art but the next nail is possibly my favourite nail colour. It's black cherries by Rimmel London! I love it! 

I used a Barry M black nail polish and used a matte polish at the tip of the nail. 

And last but not least I used a collection nail polish in Look At Me and then used a black nail art pen to draw little zig zags across it. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's.


It has been quite a while since I have posted a nail art post but this year I have promised to make them more of a regular thing in 2014 after all I have a real passion for nail art and all things beauty! 

So I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's when I got the inspiration to do these nails a few days ago. I used Barry M's hi shine gelly nail polish in the shade Green Berry and I used a Models Own nail art pen to add the bow detail.  

So I used one or two coats of the gelly polish an let them dry completely. Then on my middle finger I drew a line down the middle and then one across that. I waited for both the two white lines to dry then I drew a sort of oval shape coming up from the centre of the two lines to create a bow shape. Then underneath I drew two straight lines to recreate the look of ribbon strands. And tada! 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post! Love A, x

Friday, 17 January 2014



At the beginning of the week I purchased a new phone hooray! Since about July last year I have had a basic little phone to get me by but I really wanted to get something better however I waited until I found a decent contract that I was happy with. So I got an iPhone and I have grown very fond of it and all of the time consuming apps! To cut a long blog post short I downloaded Instagram and would love it if you gave me a cheeky follow on there! My username is _abfabx or follow this link 

Thanks for reading! Love, A x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jazooli concealer palette


I ordered the 15 shade concealer palette by Jazooli off of Amazon last week as I was looking for a good concealer and all of these can also be used as highlighters or for contouring too!

Here it is in the box it came in.

Unboxed it is a little black palette. It's plastic and quite lightweight.

Inside one side has a plain black lid and the other side has all the shades on. The top left one is a white glitter shade but it hasn't shown up. Beneath that is a pale green colour good for hiding spots or blemishes. Underneath the green one is a white one too. On the top of the second column is a light yellow which is good for anti redness. 

Hopefully this'll give you a clearer picture now I took flash off. Considering this only cost £4.28 including postage and packing I think it is great value for money. The concealers are quite rigid but also creamy so it can be quite hard to use it. At first I tried using a soft brush but it didn't really work so resorted to using my finger to pat it into the skin. 

So far I am impressed! Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post! Love,A x

Monday, 13 January 2014

sarah's little world: | Questions with Abbie...Get to know tag

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gold Finger


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve. I went out with Titch and a few other friends and we saw in 2014 and all had a really nice night! I used a set of Star by Julien Macdonald stick on nails for this too. 

These usually cost £8 but I got these last year if not the year before in the sale for about £6. I really like these However I do find it frustrating how they don't stay put for very long. They come with some adhesive on them but it doesn't stay so I bought a special quick drying nail glue which makes them last about 3/4 days. 

Overall I am impressed with these and they really make a statement! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x