Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I turned 19!


I have been a bit absent from my blog recently and I am sorry about that.. Yesterday/Monday/the 27th of January it was both mine and my mum's birthday! Yes I was born on my Mum's birthday haha I suppose for me I always forgot that, that is very unusual and perhaps lucky or unlucky depending on what side you look at it from. 

So I turned 19! And thinking about it I have had quite a good year being 18 and I didn't really want it to end! A lot of great things happened and I hope that the next year will be just as good or even better. 

On our birthday i got spoilt rotten by my family. I went for lunch at a local country pub with my mum and sister and we had really nice mezze boards.

Then in the evening, the four of us including my stepdad went out for dinner to an Indian and had a really nice meal (I know!! eating out twice in one day, lucky us!!)  

My mum made me a really cool cake too. 

It was so good but so sickly sweet! It looked really nice too!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, love A, x 


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