Friday, 31 January 2014

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop

When I was at work on Wednesday a lady popped into the shop, she seemed a little bit distressed and walked over to the counter where I was stood. She said that she had a flat tyre, no spare, no money and her phone didn't have any signal and asked whether she'd be able to use our work phone. Even though our policy doesn't allow for customers to use the phone I said she could anyway as she seemed a bit troubled. She was on the phone about five or so minutes and didn't really affect me in the slightest. She thanked us numerous times for letting her use the phone and off she went. Off she went and I didn't really think about it again, then she came back again on Thursday and approached me at the counter, and handed over a box of chocolates for my colleague and I to share. She said she was so thankful for that act of kindness and wouldn't have known what to have done otherwise. 

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE POINT OF THIS POST (sorry to cyber shout!!) I had such a nice, warm feeling inside knowing that my small act made someone's day or someone's life a bit easier that to celebrate me turning 19 on the Monday just gone,  throughout the year I am going to try and aim to do 19 different good things and I will post each one on here. 

Thanks for reading, love A x


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