Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shopping with Glitter Gnome haul!


Yesterday Titch and I went shopping and I managed to put a lot of my Christmas and birthday vouchers to good use. I bought several things that I had been wanting for ages as well as picking up a few other things too. I am going to show you the things I bought from each shop and I'll start off with the holy grail that is Primark! 

I really like this top and have a similar one in black with a plain white lace collar. This was only about £12. 

It is made out of a really nice stretchy grey material. 

I really like the lace and pearl collar, I think it looks really girly and pretty.

A close up of the lace and pearl collar. 

I found a necklace I really liked too and it was only £5! 
I'm not usually a fan of gold jewellery but this really stood out to me.  

I think it looks really pretty and I like that the colours are quite neutral too especially for a statement necklace like this. 

I think the chain detailing is quite different too. 

As they are only £1 I got one of these and picked up another for my sister. Where do they go?! I'm always buying more and losing them?!? 

As you may have seen in my end of January wish list post I wanted a pair like this from Topshop. I did see them in Topshop but they were £10 and these were £2. The only real difference between these two aviators is that the Topshop ones are black frames compared to these silver ones. 

I also got these in Primark for £2 as I saw very similar ones in Topshop for £18. I've always had black oversized sunglasses but I liked the look of these round ones even if I do look like Willy Wonka!  

With these I like the fact the sunglasses arm is quite thick. 

They both also came with a little black bag to carry them in. 

River Island
Also featured in my end of January wish list were these black cut out boots. I've wanted these for ages and I finally purchased them yesterday. They cost £38.
I really love the look of cut out boots! 

Front view of them.

From behind.

From the top. 

And a close up of the buckles.

I got this skirt for £14.99. I really like the patter and skater style and plus I've been looking for one like this for ages! 

What it looks like from the front.

A close up of the pattern on it. 

What it looks like from behind. I like the zip detailing.

There was a few offers on that I managed to take advantage of. There was a buy one get one half price on the batiste dry shampoos and a three for two on Seventeen products. 

I usually use te floral and flirty blush one but as there was a buy one get one half price I thought I'd try a new one for a change and I thought the striking and spicy monochrome had the nicest looking bottle ha!

I got the miracle matte foundation in porcelain from a recomendation from Titch. I have used wake me up foundation by Rimmel for ages and really liked that one so thought I'd try a new one for a change.

I've seen Super Lash mascara advertised and it looks really good so I picked that up to give it a go it had an offer on it and it came with a free Super Lash Liner so I'll give that a whirl too! 

Ahhh Lush! Even the name itself is inviting! I have a few things from there left over from Christmas including a bath bomb, a fun bar and the majority of a bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel! Here's some things I picked up: 

Space Girl bath ballistic for £2.25

Butterball which has a really nice vanilla scent for £2.50.

And Think Pink bath ballistic for £2.50.

The kind lady on the till also gave us a free sample of their porridge soap! 

And last but certainly not least I picked up three pairs of socks in their £3.50 each or three for £8 offer. 
I thought these all looked really cool and would work well underneath my new cut out boots! 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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