Monday, 3 February 2014

2013 tag- The Big Review!

Hello! I have been meaning to post this for ages and have simply forgot to do it! Lucy from Homemade Photography  very kindly tagged me to take part in this 2013 tag! I realise that its a little late as we've just crept into February but here it comes nonetheless! 

So the rules of this tag are:
Link back to the blogger who tagged you.
Answer the questions below and tag 5 other bloggers to take part. 
Also put a picture of the tag somewhere on your blog. 

Your top five blogs you read in 2013?

Name one blog you wish you had found sooner?
Head-full-of-flowers definitely! The lovely Lizzie behind it is such a nice, warm person and this is totally reflected in her blog. 

Your favourite blog post/s of 2013?
Oooh that's a tough one. I'd say the first two that came to mind were the ones I wrote on not going to university here. I really loved writing this post as it made me realise I had definitely made the right decision for me. I also received a lot of comments too from people who were either in or had been in the same position as me, which was really nice to see. Another favourite of mine was the Best Friend Forever? post. I had no idea others felt the same way I did/do.  

What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog this year?
I'd quite like to post a lot more regularly as sometimes I get a bit stuck for post ideas. Also I'd quite like to venture out into doing posts that are a little bit different like recipes. 

Name one blog you have a crush on?
Ooh I think Vanillacrush! I love her blog and it looks so pretty :)

How often do you post?
I try to post every few days. However I go through waves of wanting to post 10 times a day to only one or two posts per month. 

Share your first post of 2013
This is the post of 2013 I did about the snow.

Name one thing you'd be doing if you weren't writing this post right now?
Either watching Gossip Girl (I am obsessed!!) or playing with my puppy!

What have you loved about blogging this year?
I have formed friendships with some very lovely bloggers. And I know its not what blogging is all about, but I was so so pleased to find out my pageviews and followers/readers have increased dramatically over the last year! so THANKS everyone!!

I tag:

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Thanks for reading, I hope you all liked this post! Love, A x


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