Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Boots, Topshop and Primark haul!

I went into town with my sister yesterday to do a spot of shopping, we had some lunch at Pizza Hut and we even saw our grandparents too!

I'll start with Primark. Because it is the Holy Grail of shops after all..

I got this dark green jumper for £3 reduced from £6. It was in the men's department, in a large size as I prefer the oversized look and I saw a similar one in Urban Outfitters once which was a lot more expensive. 

I got two pieces of jewellery today, nothing else really took my fancy. 
I liked this delicate little necklace. I really like the look of simple necklaces like this one that you could easily wear all the time. 

So cute! And I don't usually wear gold jewellery either I tend to prefer silver. This was £4.50

I really like this chunky gold chain bracelet. It was £5.50

I picked up some face pads as I'm nearly running out! Then I bought a Boots tea tree and witch hazel face wash. This range is inexpensive, works a treat on me and leaves your skin feeling oh so soft! It's not a typical blogger buy but I love the Original Source shower gels. The line one smells so good! 
I picked up a Seventeen primer as the one I use is a bit old and the pump no longer works which is annoying as it has about a quarter left and was very good. As I'm a bit of a magpie for nail polishes I also got a Seventeen graffiti polish, a Seventeen pearlescent polish and a Rimmel London bright orange polish too. 

The pearlescent one is very similar to both a Topshop and a Model's Own shade. I really like the bright orange I think it would look really nice in the summer. 

Each polish with two coats. The two nails on the left are the graffiti polish one with a black polish underneath and another just plain on a white nail wheel. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Love, A x. 


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