Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I got my hair did.

Hello! Is this thing on..?

I haven't blogged recently sorry about! I've had a few things on at the moment and I'm trying to sort stuff out. I want to get into a good routine of posting on a more regular basis, hopefully I will soon! 

Last Thursday I got my hair coloured which was very exciting. I had light highlights put in last November time and at the beginning I didn't really like it but as time went by I really liked it! I only had a half head of highlights put in so after a few months I had a very obvious regrowth as I had quite dark brown hair before. 

So I wanted to dye it darker again even though I liked having lighter hair, I think it would look better on me in the summer months! I couldn't decide what colour to pick between. Either a dark chocolate brown or another dark brown with red/mahogany shades to make it look shiny (such a first world problem, right?!) 

Anyway here's the finished look! 

Before and after! 

Hope you liked this post, love A x


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