Saturday, 1 February 2014

Miners Fresh Faced concealers review!


About a week or so ago I received a nice little package from the people at Miners Cosmetics with a new addition to their Fresh Face range inside. I really like their Fresh Faced range as they do a very nice pale/beige color which works well with my skin tone. Anyway they have just released some concealers and I am going to try them out for you! 

They come in these little tubes in the shades porcelain, peach and olive. As seen beneath: 

I like the applicator on this concealer I have tried concealers that you click and they pump up through the bristles and I didn't really get along with that as I'd always end up using too much! 

A close up of the applicator using the shade porcelain. 

As I'm suffering with dark circles underneath my eyes at the moment I am going to put one of these to the test. I am going to use porcelain and then apply a bit of foundation over the top to recreate a natural daytime look. 

I have nothing on my skin here and you can see I have dark circles under my eyes and a few spots and blemishes on my cheek and chin I'd like to cover up too. 

Woah concealer'd!?! I ended up having to use loads underneath my eye, I'm not sure whether that was indicative of the concealer or my skin being dark because 99% of the time I am tired! 

Et voila! I am very pleased with the finished look as I do suffer with dark circles. 

It works on my skin. 
Easy to apply. 
Lightweight formula. 
Very good value for money at £2.99
Parabens and SLS free!

It has a slight talcum powder smell to it.
I had to use a few slicks to get the amount on my face I was happy with. 
There is only three shades.
There is a big jump between the porcelain and peach shades so would be tricky if you're inbetween. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love A x


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