Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mango nail paint

I am a big fan of pretty much all Barry M products, however out of all their nail polishes I do like their hi shine gelly nail paints the most. 

Today I am using the shade 320 Mango. 
 I really like this colour it's really bold and bright. Plus it only needed one coat because it's a gel polish. 

I don't often wear this shade and will probably use it more in the summer. 

I can't remember where the big leopard face ring is from but I know the midi ring is from Topshop. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014


I love bags as much as the next girl but recently due to my love of carrying oversized bags and popping every little thing in there, I have been suffering a bit with aches and pains in my arms, shoulders and back. It wasn't until I opened my bag and saw I was lugging two bottles of water, a heavy coin purse and a waterproof coat crammed in when I thought I may need to purchase a rucksack (and stop taking all my possessions out with me when I pop out for the day!!)

I have found some of my favourite rucksacks from the highstreet or I found online.

From the top right: 
ASOS boxy oversized pebble backpack £35
New Look black daisy backpack £19.99
Topshop clean pocket backpack £34
Urban Outfitters Ecote mini convertible backpack in red £42 Victoria studded pocket front rucksack £15 rucksack in silver iridescent £35
New Look white structured backpack £24
New Look Black metal tip croc panel backpack £17.99
Pull and Bear patchwork backwork £29.99
River Island coral quilted backpack £30

Primark also do some really nice, cheap backpacks and I really like a black acid wash one they do in there too. 

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading! Love, A x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Shopping in Bath


On Monday I went shopping in Bath with one of my best friends, Vicki! I thought I'd share some photos with you of my day and some things I bought. 
We caught the train which only took half an hour. It was really scenic journey there. 

When we got there we went for lunch at GBK and this was my first time going there and really enjoyed it. Vicki had a cheeseburger and I had a chicken burger and it was really tasty. 

The fries we ordered were skinny fries and they were so so tiny! This picture doesn't really show how mini they are. The fries also came with Hei Hei salt which was really nice, different, but nice! It smelled a bit like curry powder. 
I got these two scrunchies in Urban Outfitters for either £4 or £6 I can't remember but I do really like them. It really reminds me of the 90's not only because of it being a scrunchie but also the red tartan and black velvet material too. 

got this skater skirt in New Look for £14.99. I think it would look really nice with a collared shirt tucked in or even in the summer as well. 

I gave in to temptation and bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I got my sister two strawberry glaze ones and I had a caramel macchiato one on the way home  on the train. 

I may have spent a little bit too much in Lush too! 
I bought the bath ballistic tisty tosty because I think it smells really nice and looks pretty too. It has a lovely floral scent. Costs £3.25

Ahh! I purchased the Golden Egg as well which is a beautiful mix of a bath bomb with a glistening bath melt outside. When melting it should leave a delicious sweet/toffee scent. Holding this in the shop I felt like Harry Potter in the triwizard tournament! I can't wait to use this, even if I'll be scrubbing the bath of glitter for hours on end! Costs £3.50

I got two fluffy egg bath ballistic because it looks cute and smells amazing! It genuinely smells exactly like Lush's Snow Fairy shower gel with its gorgeous candy scent. Delish! This costs £2.95

The second Fluffy Egg I purchased, I'm really looking forward to using these. 

I also picked up Honey Bee for £3.25 which has a sweet, honey fragrance hence the name. The honey and aloe Vera in this also helps to soothe and cleanse the skin. 

I got this yuza and cocoa bubble bar for £3.25. Usually I don't like chocolate orange flavoured things but I really liked this! 

I really like the architecture in Bath. I think it's a really beautiful city and would love to live here. 

Bath weir. Whenever I go to Bath I always like to go here. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love A, x 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Nude nails

Hi! I haven't painted my nails nor have I done a nails post in a long time. I bought a new polish on Monday in a really nice nude shade by Rita Ora by Rimmel London. I must admit I am usually quite sceptical of nude colours like this as they tend to take a lot of coats to get a decent all over shade. On the back of this polish it does say it's a one coat nail polish it took me about three to four coats to get a colour I was happy with. 

I am pleased with the finished colour and they dried quickly too! 
I'm just going to go around the edges of my fingernails with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to get any excess off. 

This Rimmel polish is called 513 Lets Get Nude and cost £3.69. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked this post. Love, A x 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Just a little Boots Haul!


I haven't posted in a while as I had some personal things going on, but I am back with a few more posts this week to get yourself a little dose of me in your lives ha! I hope you are well and are enjoying March so far.

Yesterday we popped into a bigger town not too far away and I made a pitstop in Boots and picked up a few bits. I got a lot of points vouchers through the post the other day and annoyingly I left them at home so I didn't get as many points as I would have liked.

Is this a bit of an odd thing to show, I'm not too sure..But most people use razors right?! Anyway I picked this one up as it was only £4ish. I haven't used this one before but my sister had and said it was good. 

I also picked this one up too as it was at a reduced price. I like to stock up and they were both a lot cheaper than usual so I kinda had too right ha! 

I got this Charles Worthington Mineral hair rescue masque for £1.99 as I haven't tried it before and my hair is looking a little dull and lack lustre at the moment. 

I got this Real Techniques sponge which I had seen many positive reviews on.

I really like this nail polish remover. I find it gets rid of tough polish really easily and it doesn't have that overly strong typical nail polish remover scent. I think this is my favourite one I've used so far.

After using Herbal Essence's Bee Shine shampoo and conditioner for the best part of a year. I really liked that one and made my hair feel so lovely, soft and left it smelling really good. So I thought I'd try something new and as I dyed my hair about a month ago I've noticed my hair has been looking a bit dull so I got this colour protect to hopefully revive it! 

I got this Rimmel London nail polish from the range by Rita Ora as I like the nude shade, I think it'll look really cool and understated. This colour is 513 Let's Get Nude.

I also picked up 212 by Carolina Herrera from a sample perfume gift set I got at Christmas. Out of about 10 different perfume samples the one you liked the most you could pop into your local Boots and get that in a 30ml bottle. I liked them all actually, but this one stood out the most to me. It's a delicate scent which you could wear day or night. 

I think the bottle is really unique although I prefer bottles you can stand up. 

I really like the musky/vanilla tones of this perfume. It's very strong and long lasting too.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love, A x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

February in photos

Well hello there!

March already, huh?! Is it me or is 2014 flying by so quickly? I thought I would share some little happy snaps from February with you from my Instagram. If you'd like to check out my Instagram my username is: _abfabx 

From left to right starting with the top row: 
Left: I made a coffee and walnut cake. It turned out really nicely and I'll put the recipe up for it soon. 
Middle: one of my fave Lush bath bombs, Golden Wonder. 
Right: My puppy, Charlie, being cute. 

Middle row:
Left: My healthy breakfast of granola, berries, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. 
Middle: less healthy, my sister made a yummy chocolate and raspberry cake. 
Right: I noticed this ceiling in a jewellers near me and I thought it looked really pretty. 

Bottom row:
Left: Toffee and chocolate hot cross buns from M&S. They were so good and came in packets of four so didn't last long!
Middle: An old picture of my sister and I. She turned 21 last Saturday. 
Right: To celebrate her birthday we went out for a posh meal and I had an open cheeseburger with fries. It was really nice. 

Some other photos I forgot to add to the collage. 

My best friend, Vicki, and I went out for a meal on Friday night which was really nice as we hadn't seen each other for about a month. 

I put a little bow on Charlie. 

Charlie looking so cute and innocent after he ran around the house with my work shoes. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love A, x