Thursday, 17 April 2014

BaByliss Elegance Pro 235 straighteners review!

For years I have religiously used my Mum's Ghd's and for Christmas I wanted to get a good pair of straighteners of my own. After searching high and low and checking out blog reviews on the best pair to get the BaByliss Elegance Pro 235 came out on top. I must apologise for the lateness of this post as it was a Christmas present and I should have done it earlier!

Anyway, on to the review!

I got the straighteners in a glittery, dark red colour but I think they are also available in a blue colour too. 
What I like about these straighteners:
  • They have three different heat settings 180°c, 200°c and 235°c.
  • They heat up really quickly and can be used 15 seconds after starting heating up. 
  • They are made with an ionic technology so they should give you a frizz free finish! 
  • Can be used for both straightening and curling.
  • I love the deep red, glittery colour! 
  • Hair stays quite straight for a long time. 
  • Very good price. At the time I think they were about £40 when they should have been around £90. 
  • Leaves my hair feeling soft.
  • The lead for the plug is quite long, which I really like!

What I don't particularly like about these straighteners:
  • Because they go so up to a high heat it can be quite easy to burn your hair even if you use heat defence spray. 
  • As i'm not used to straighteners heating up so fast, and considering they only take about 15 seconds to heat up, they can give off this strong burning smell which isn't pleasant. 
  • The heat switch is a bit wobbly. 

I started this with damp hair then dried it with my Glamoriser by Richard Ward professional digital ultralight power dryer (which I also got for Christmas btw!) and I used some heat defence spray before drying it too.

                               'Scuse the fresh, no make up face. But this is my hair dried.

I spritzed my head all over with a lot of heat defence spray then brushed my hair through. I sectioned my hair into two parts pulling the majority onto the top of my head into a high bun leaving the section underneath. I lightly sprayed it this part with the heat defence spray and then brushing through, followed by pulling my straighteners through my hair. I repeated this on the same bit of hair twice. When this section was complete I pulled my bun out and let down some of the middle section of hair and tied the front up again. I spritzed it and followed the same steps as last time.

When the middle section was done I then did the front. Once all my hair was straightened I brushed it out, flipped my hair upside down and straightened from that angle. Once that was done I flipped my hair the right way round, brushed my hair out again and checked to see if there were any areas that needed another straighten. Then I was finished!

And the finished 'do! 

If I have some straggly little hairs I spray a hairbrush with a little bit of hairspray and brush over the straggly bits.

I have to say I am very, very impressed with these hair straighteners and would definitely recommend them over GHDs!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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