Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My March in photos

So it's April now and at the start of the last couple of months I've put up a post of my Instagram pictures of the month before. Alas, enjoy my photo montage of what I got up to last month! 

Starting from the top row going left to right: 
Top left- I am currently reading The Fault in Our Stars. And I'm really enjoying it. It is a very sad story about two teens who have cancer meet at a support group and fall in love. 
Top middle- On pancake day I had banana pancakes. Delish!
Top right- This is some cool street art I saw. 

Middle left- I love Reese's cups so having a bag of mini ones means it's more acceptable to eat more right?!?
Middle of the middle- marmite on crumpets remind me of being a child so much! So very British too.
Middle right- My sister and I had a night in and ordered a domino's. It was so good! I'm obsessed with the dip! 

Bottom left- I took my parents out for the day and we went to the coast, the weather was absolutely glorious! 
Bottom middle- My best friend Vicki and I went to Bath shopping one day and had a lovely lunch in GBK. 
Bottom right- I took a photo of the arches and waterfall at Bath weir. It's so pretty there. 

Starting from the top left: 

Left: One of my favourite chocolate bars, the underrated daim bar! 
Right: Lush by name and Lush by nature. This is the bath ballistic called Honey Bee and smells very subtly sweet and caramel like. It left my skin feeling silky smooth too! 

Left: My sister was very lovely and picked me up a bag of mini eggs. 
Right: Here's another picture of my orange finger nails I used in a blog post the other day. I really like the bold colour and the ring I was wearing. 

Bottom: This is an old picture I found of myself and two friends George and Connie. This was taking about two years ago at another friends birthday meal. 

My Instagram is: _abfabx if you want to see any other pictures! 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post! Love, a x 


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