Wednesday, 23 April 2014

St. George's Day.

St. George is the patron saint of England and today is St. George's Day! As I'm from England I thought I'd write a little post on how patriotic I am and what St. George's day is all about..I gather this is a slightly different post to usual but it'll have a splash of my usual beauty touch to it too haha!

So, like I mentioned above St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem was a red cross on a white background (hence the look of the English flag).  It is believed that he was actually a Roman soldier and became well known for his bravery as he protested to the Roman Emperor about the torturing of Christians and in the end died for these beliefs. So it seems the story of him slaying a dragon in order to save the princess wasn't strictly true..

In England we don't treat today like a holiday or anything just merely a normal working day.

I realise this post may seem a bit odd compared to the usual things I blog about but at work today the delivery driver came in dressed up as St. George in a wonderful little knight's costume and we all sipped our teas and chatted about the dreary, wet weather when it made me think this is probably what being English is all about, wearing funny clothes, obsessed with tea and moaning about the rubbish weather we seem to have a lot of the time. I had a little think, and there are so many little quirks and things, us English folk like to say or do that I forget to appreciate sometimes, or perhaps things only other English people would understand!

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For example, Marmite. I for one am a lover!

An age old argument heard up and down the country and will probably remain this way forever. Do you pronounce it Scone like cone or Scone like gone? 

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Fish and chips and mushy peas will always remind me of holidays or trips to the beach in England.

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Whether you are a dunker or not, it's hard to turn down a biscuit or five. God bless the Queen and the humble digestive biscuit. 

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Ahh that typical smell of a greasy spoon cafe and the scent of a full english breakfast being cooked. They aren't the most healthiest of options but they taste pretty darn special. 

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The cornish pasty. Crammed full with beef, potatoes and other vegetables with a shortcrust pastry. I think its hard not to say Cornish Paaaaaaasty without developing a full on cornish accent! 

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Pubs. Every village, or town up and down the country has at least one. With their homely atmospheres, funny names and dart boards, pool tables and the occasional jukebox, what's not to love! 

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A cup of tea with milk (and mine with two sugars thanks) Tea is not only a drink to me, it is a problem solver once you've had a cuppa to help think things through and left your head feeling a little clearer too. Also some claim it cools you down? I'm not 100% sure on that one..

It's true. How else would you spark up conversation with the shop assistant or at the hairdressers?

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Brown sauce. Can be splattered over anything. 

One of the quirky phrases we use.. Basically means it's raining really heavily! 

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And the lady herself, The Queen. Here we see Her Maj having a little giggle as she leaves Buckingham Palace one day to see her husband Prince Philip dressed as a guard. 

I tried to emulate a union jack nail design as well as the St. George's Cross nail design too. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x

Please comment below your favourite things too! 


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